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Customer Reviews Can Help Your Search Results

We have been working with our customer review clients for a couple of months and have seen a dramatic increase in their search engine visibility. As many of you may know reviews are search engine candy because they are relevant and provide fresh content that helps customers learn about a business and its services. The more relevant and fresh your content the better.

To show how this is working I put together some screenshots showing off how well our clients’ customer reviews are doing in search.

Orthodontist in Seguin, TX



Orthodontist in Corpus Christi, TX


Reviews with Stars from WhyiLike



Customer Reviews Matter To Your Local Business

Wise Orthodontics Frisco, TX ReviewLocal businesses rely on customer reviews to get the word out about their business and the services they offer. Without customer reviews it is very difficult for SMBs to stand out amongst the competition and to grow their business. Customer reviews may be the number one factor in helping SMBs get more business.

Why? Because of how people use search engines to search for products and services.

Most people start their search for a local business from a search engine and customer reviews help small businesses compete and stand out in those results. Search engines  like customer reviews because reviews are relevant, up to date and helpful in helping someone make a decision. So if a business’s reviews are not coming up in the search results when people are searching for a product or service they are missing out on business.

As you may know there are several online review services such as Yelp and Google but most of the time it is difficult to get customers to remember to go home and fill out the review on one of those sites. This is why we created WhyiLike. Our service allows customers to fill out reviews while they are still at the business. We have found that most customers are willing to provide some level of immediate feedback and most of the time that feedback is positive and will help SMBs improve their business as well as improve potential customers’ perception of their business.

The benefit of WhyiLike is the utilization of local search optimization technologies to help reviews get indexed quickly into the search engines and viewable in local search results, helping SMBs better compete and more access to potential customers.

Checkout WhyiLike client search results to see how it could for your your business.

WhyiLike is also great for image search.



Avoid Fake Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great tool that should be in any business’s toolbox. Unfortunately in the past couple of years customer reviews have been tainted by companies trying to game the system by writing their own reviews or paying someone to write the reviews for them.

According to data-mining expert Bing Liu, approximately one-third of online consumer reviews are written by marketers or retailers, not real consumers.

We have seen physician practices, retailers, service providers (AC, Heating, Plumbers, Contractors) create consumer reviews written by their marketing and pr department and not by real customers. We don’t believe that is good for customers or good for business so we created WhyiLike. We have developed a system that verifies our clients’ reviews with unique identifiers that will tell us if a review is written by a real customer of the business.

Each customer has a unique story to tell about a business’s services or products and those stories should not be altered by the business. We have found that businesses that allow their customers to spread the word in a positive, sometimes negative way, see much more success than those who fabricate reviews.

Real customer reviews are not perfect. There will be grammatical issues, misspellings and they sometimes may even be hard to comprehend. That is okay because it helps tell your story by people who have experienced your product or service. They are real and that is good.

Contact us today to see how you can start getting real customer reviews that will help grow your business.


8 in 10 Say They Trust Online Customer Reviews

According to a recent study completed by BrightLocal, 8 in 10 consumers say they trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is a great testament to online reviews. Many people in the past were a bit weary when it came to online customer reviews because how they could be modified, automated and manipulated in many different ways. As Google and other review services have become more sophisticated it has become harder for people with bad intentions to game the system.


WhyiLike has taken customer review authenticity and verification to a new level with the  launch of handwritten reviews that are written by customers while still at the business, sent to WhyiLike for posting and then verified via email before launching the review. This is very important because consumers must know the authenticity of the reviews before believing them. Our verification process decreases review spam to zero since each review is verified by a human before being posted.

Other customer review stats from the report:

  • 67% read 1-6 reviews before forming an opinion about a business
  • 73% say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more
  • 65% are more likely to use a business that has positive online reviews

Press Release: WhyiLike Revolutionizes Customer Reviews

WhyiLike’s Handwritten Customer Reviews Bring Additional Layer of Trust and Authenticity Other Review Sites Cannot Promise.
WhyiLike Customer Review Sample Card

PRLog (Press Release)Jun. 18, 2013HOUSTONWith the busy day-to-day operation of running a business, every business owner knows it is tough to get customer reviews. This is why WhyiLike has launched its new customer review service, a powerful tool that helps SMBs generate and promote more customer reviews.

Customer reviews are a key component to any SMBs marketing plan and incorporates many facets of everyday marketing including social media, content marketing, search engine marketing and of course reputation management.

WhyiLike is different from other review sites because it has developed a system that uses handwritten customer reviews that are written while the customer is still at a business or interacting with a service professional. This is paramount to the authenticity of client reviews because the reviews can be verified and traceable to the user.

“Customer reviews are key to any SMB’s success because they provide additional insight into how a business runs and sets expectations for the new customer. Handwritten customer reviews add an additional layer of trust and authenticity that most review sites cannot guarantee.” said Shervin Kalinia, CEO of WhyiLike.

WhyiLike provides clients with review cards that are scanned, transcribed and placed on the client’s custom designed WhyiLike review site. The reviews are then submitted to the major search engines as well as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.

According to Kalinia, ”The feedback we’ve received from business owners so far, has been remarkable. Some mention that their 5-star reviews are showing up on Google, while others mention how WhyiLike has improved their level of customer service.  All in all, this is a very powerful marketing tool and we are excited to be offering it to SMBs across the country.”

If you would like more information about http://www.whyiLike.com or would like a demo call 855-949-4545.


Achieve Better Search Ranking and Improve Visibility with Patient Reviews

We have seen during the past couple of years that consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews to help them find a good healthcare practice for themselves and their family. When searching they are looking for more than just a list of services, a doctors bio or the newest procedure. What they really want to know is what other people think and learn from their experiences with a specific doctor or practice.

By employing patient reviews a practice will be able to better market their doctor and services by building trust and confidence in the practice. A good patient review provides the insight that marketing cannot. You can develop all types of Tweets, Facebook posts and blog articles but you don’t really build trust without a good collection of patient reviews.

Rank Better In Search Engines

Patient reviews in themselves are good but they also have to be indexed in the major search engines to be effective. Patient reviews that are indexed will help search ranking because the content within the reviews is relevant and up to date. Search engines like that because they want to be able to provide the most relevant, up to date information possible to their users. It is a win-win-win… The patient wins because they can learn more about your practice. Your practice wins because you can increase patient volume as more patients learn about you and the search engines win because they have relevant search results that will bring visitors back.


As your practice receives more reviews you can improve your practice’s visibility. As you can see by the image above, we have seen some of our clients have multiple reviews come up on the same page of a search result. It is basic math, the more reviews equal the possibility of more visibility.





Importance of Online Customer Reviews

I think most small businesses understand the importance of customer reviews and why they need to get them for their business, but I don’t think they realize how effective online reviews are and that potential customers are seeking out reviews before they make a decision. Recent research by Dimensional Research shows that 90 percent of those surveyed claimed that positive online reviews influenced their purchase decision. 86 percent said that negative reviews influence their purchase decisions.

Based on your own experiences, I imagine you are not surprised with these numbers. The question you need to ask is why have you not started using online customer reviews for your business. Below I will outline four reasons why you need to begin and continue to use online customer reviews.

Four reasons why online customer reviews are important.

  1. Improve search ranking and visibility
    Online customer reviews are both search engine and customer friendly. Google and the other major search engines are constantly looking for new and relevant information to index so that their results are as relevant as possible to the customer. Online reviews provide a large volume of this content to search engines. The more relevant information you have indexed the better your organic search results. This leads to my next point.
  2. Decrease costs with online customer reviews
    If your organic search results are bolstered by many online customer reviews you will need to spend less on pay-per-click advertising and other online advertising techniques. We have seen that customers trust organic results over most ads and there is not anything much better than organic search results with four or five big yellow stars next to them.
  3. Increase revenue
    As more reviews are added and your rankings improve more prospective customers will see your organization which could lead to new customers and more revenue for your organization. Online customer reviews is a volume-based initiative. The more online reviews the easier it will be for customers to make a decision regarding your products and services.
  4. Improve customer’s confidence in your organization
    People love to hear other customers’ perspectives on their experience. The more perspectives, the more real your organization becomes and the more confidence is placed in your organization. This takes us back to number three.

As you can see there are many benefits to online customer reviews. The more positive, the better but not everyone is going to be five-star happy every time. That is the reality  of business. With that said, a fear of not receiving only five-stars should not keep you from having online reviews. You want your organization to be as transparent and real as possible to current and future customers. Customers know that businesses make mistakes and should learn from mistakes just like people do. In the future we will write a post on the benefit of online customer reviews for you and your employees.

Check out how we can help you increase your customer reviews.