Customer Reviews Matter To Your Local Business

Wise Orthodontics Frisco, TX ReviewLocal businesses rely on customer reviews to get the word out about their business and the services they offer. Without customer reviews it is very difficult for SMBs to stand out amongst the competition and to grow their business. Customer reviews may be the number one factor in helping SMBs get more business.

Why? Because of how people use search engines to search for products and services.

Most people start their search for a local business from a search engine and customer reviews help small businesses compete and stand out in those results. Search engines  like customer reviews because reviews are relevant, up to date and helpful in helping someone make a decision. So if a business’s reviews are not coming up in the search results when people are searching for a product or service they are missing out on business.

As you may know there are several online review services such as Yelp and Google but most of the time it is difficult to get customers to remember to go home and fill out the review on one of those sites. This is why we created WhyiLike. Our service allows customers to fill out reviews while they are still at the business. We have found that most customers are willing to provide some level of immediate feedback and most of the time that feedback is positive and will help SMBs improve their business as well as improve potential customers’ perception of their business.

The benefit of WhyiLike is the utilization of local search optimization technologies to help reviews get indexed quickly into the search engines and viewable in local search results, helping SMBs better compete and more access to potential customers.

Checkout WhyiLike client search results to see how it could for your your business.

WhyiLike is also great for image search.