How to jump-start your reviews engine

You’re providing great customer service, your products are awesome, your staff is motivated, so how come you’re not getting any reviews?  For many business owners the answer lies in the fact that they simply don’t have a business process for getting reviews. Like everything else, getting review should be ingrained within your customer touch-points. Here are three important ways to jump-start the process.
SAY PLEASE. When asked, 70% of customers will follow through with leaving a review, when asked. You can solicit a review in an email following a transaction, via text message or in person. You can also add a link to the whyilike review form from your website to make collecting customer feedback quick and easy. Make sure you let your customers know how important the reviews are for your business.
MAKE IT EASY. If you make the review process difficult, odds are people won’t leave them. Try to minimize the steps needed to get a review.  Having an option of simply clicking a star-rating and posting is a great place to start. You should also encourage, not force your customers to leave a review. If you have a review section on your website, make the process straightforward. It’s without saying that the review process should be mobile friendly, since most of your customers are probably on the go.
SAY THANK YOU. Remember, a review is a favor to your business. Acknowledge each review and write a response thanking the customer for taking their time to leave you a review. Try to refrain from incentivizing customers with discounts or other monetary gifts for leaving a review. This could jeopardize the legitimacy of your reviews, plus if your customers are genuinely happy, they don’t expect to get anything in return for leaving you a review.

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