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Whyilike is about happy customers sharing helpful reviews.

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As a business owner, you understand the power of 5-star reviews. But sometimes you’re left not knowing how to identify and ask reviews from happy customers.  That’s why many small and medium businesses have turned to whyilike to grow their reviews and revenues with our automated solution.

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How it works

It all starts with a simple, branded review page that customers go to in order to write a review.

There are so many ways to share your review page with customers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Email

    • Send your Whyilike review link to customers by email
    • Put the link on your email signature

  • Text Message

    Our texting feature allows you to send your review page to any mobile phone

  • Social Media

    Share your review page on social media (Facebook, Twitter and more)

  • Kiosk

    Create a kiosk area or iPad station for customers to write reviews

  • Flyers, tent cards, review business cards

    We provide you with print ready flyers and business cards that you can share with customers

Get more Google Reviews

5-star Whyilike reviewers are asked to post their review on sites of your choosing (i.e. Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc)

Your 5-Star reviewers will receive a personal email invitation to post their whyilike review on other sites. You are notified by email on all incoming reviews (good and bad).

Better SEO

Your happy reviews are posted on a Whyilike microsite and indexed to appear on Google search

In many cases, your whylike branded site will rank very highly on search engines

Share Whyilike reviews on Facebook

With a click of a button, share a whyilike review on Facebook for your fans and followers to see.

Every business wants great content to share with followers on Facebook and whyilike makes it easy to share your best reviews for everyone to see – all with a click of a button!

Clients we serve

Positive reviews produce growth! In fact, in many industries, they’re the #1 business-driver.  Here’s how Whyilike can help take your business to the top:

Health and medical
Retail and e-commerce
Professional services
Home repair and maintenance
– Plus many more industries…

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