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Looking for natural ways to treat diverticulitis symptoms?  Calming Blends has helped many people obtain the relief from symptoms of Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis.

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Jun 15, 2021


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I can’t believe a Tea would change my life like this thank you very much

Apr 29, 2021


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Until I found this tea, my recovery from Diverticulitis was touch and go. Using this tea daily, I have been able to avoid flares and feel so much better. Thanks!

Apr 12, 2021


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I have only enjoyed this blend a few times and each time I drink it it tastes wonderful and you can definitely feel your insides being soothed!

Mar 29, 2021


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Finding this tea has essentially saved my daily existence. I am finally able to achieve some level of control over stomach issues and am very grateful.

Mar 27, 2021


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it is working to calm my diverticulitis and I feel better along with
other dietary changes I have made. Thank you for this great
healthy product.

Mar 04, 2021


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The tea really helps my diverticulosis and divertidulitis It has a calming effect on my gut. Best thing though are your probiotic capsule. I see a big difference in pain management taking 2 per day.

Feb 24, 2021


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It is very good.Would not be with out it.Thanks

Feb 12, 2021


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I feel great!!!!

Feb 02, 2021


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Your teas are a godsend for me. Most importantly, is that they calm my tummy and they taste great!! I have bought all your teas and also purchased the probiotics. Your teas work for me and I have an extreme case of diverticulosis. Many thanks for your teas. If in doubt, don’t delay, you will not be disappointed!!

Jan 28, 2021


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So far so good! I had been paying over $70 monthly for live/active probiotics from a local holistic pharmacy that have to stay refrigerated. I am glad that I took a chance and tried Calming Blends probiotics! They appear to be just as effective and no refrigeration required! (Amazon Review)

Jan 21, 2021


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Very helpful and soothing to my symptoms.

Jan 19, 2021


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I've had digestive issues for years and have been in and out of the doctors. Since I started drinking the tea, I have not had any issues with my stomach or constipation issues. The flavor is pretty mild, and I add a little cinnamon which works perfect for me. The price is great, and I enjoy drinking it at least once or twice a day. (Amazon Review)

Jan 16, 2021


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My Wife had been struggling with (lower GI Distress). Nothing seemed to help ! After seeing her Doctor & getting a “Diverticulitis “
Diagnosis , we discovered this Tea on Amazon. After 2 days of drinking 3 cups per day, She is feeling So much better! Way less bloating, and a feeling of CALM ! So much more Energy! Thank You Calming Blends & Amazon! (Amazon Review)

Jan 15, 2021


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I was diagnosed with an ulcer in 2012. In 2013 I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. Then in 2017 I now had two ulcers. I found myself in the hospital in 2020 with acute diverticulitis. your tea has help me deal with the pain.

Jan 13, 2021


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I was skeptical at first, but once I drank a cup of the tea, I felt relief.....I love the taste !.Will definitely buy more before I finish my first bag....I'm a believer now.

Jan 08, 2021


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I use it almost every night. It not only soothes my gut, but helps me sleep. Love it!

Dec 24, 2020


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I really like the taste of this tea also reminds me of a real calming effect that some tea have

Dec 14, 2020


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I am enjoying your tea but Praise the Lord I have not had any symptoms of diverticulitis. I never had loose tea always bought tea in the bags, so I do really like it. Thank you

Dec 08, 2020


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It is phenomenal!!! The tea calms the pain in my tummy within a few minutes.
I have been suffering with diverticulitis for about 3 years now. The tea tastes and smells sooo good!! It is a god send for me. Try it once and you will be hooked!! Thank you Calming Blends

Nov 18, 2020


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I've been using this tea for years because it brings quick pain relief and calms my digestive system. Thank you for transitioning it to a packet rather than the tin that rusted easily.