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Welcome to Walnut Central Orthodontics, one of the most popular orthodontic offices in Dallas, specializing in braces and Invisalign®! Dr. Joshika Kanabar’s & Dr. Junyi's experience and achievements allow them and the Walnut Central Orthodontics team to immediately place you at ease. They are very personable and will spend the time to listen to you and your concerns to help you achieve the best smile you can achieve. If you have been told you are not a candidate for Invisalign, please call us for a 2nd opinion. If you are not sure of your or your child's treatment plan, call us for another opinion as everyone has a different approach to a successful result. Dr. Kanabar's & Dr. Junyi's orthodontic treatments are known by their peers to be quite conservative, especially in treating Phase 1 cases for children under 12. Again, consultations and X-rays are complimentary.

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Nov 15, 2018

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“I highly recommend Walnut Central Orthodontics. Dr. Kanabar and her team are attentive and very friendly. Dr. Kanabar has been able to work through my requests with scheduling, treatment options, and customer service.”

Nov 02, 2018

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“Walnut Central Orthodontics is great. The quality of people is very evident in the level of service and the quality their work. I had Invisalign and was amazed how quickly it worked. They are so flexible on scheduling that they obviously understand their clients and the reality of their lives. I would highly recommend Walnut Central Orthodontics.”

Oct 05, 2018

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“We have been so pleased with the decision to have Nathan’s orthodontics treatment done at Walnut Central. It is so convenient to Lake Highlands and to Hamilton Park, where he was in school when we began his treatment. They worked with us on a payment plan and the office is pleasant and suited to all ages. The gaming system was a plus to Nathan, but they schedule so well, there hasn’t been much waiting room time. A great experience all around!”

Sep 04, 2018

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This is a great office! The staff is incredible & Dr. Kanabar is amazing! She did a great job for my children we are very happy with the results. Excellent service, high tech, and we got the best price. As a parent I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is thinking about braces or Invisalign. (Facebook)

Aug 20, 2018

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“These people are great. They give you individual attention prices are great and the atmosphere is very comfortable. I would recommend anyone who needs orthodontic work to check out Dr. Kanabar and Beej!”

Jun 21, 2018

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“I was one of their first patients and had already had braces once while in high school. As an adult, my jawline had shifted and got them again. I had just got my second set of braces while residing on the east coast, and I was worried about finding another good orthodontics. Meanwhile, I ran across a promotion for Walnut Central Orthodontics and went in for a free consultation. Dr. Kanabar provided me with the best customer service. Not only did she provide me with her personal cell phone, but she was eight months pregnant and came to the office late one night at 9:00pm after her Lamaze class to put on my requested rubber bands that she rush ordered due to me having a 6:00am flight the next morning. Not only does she provide superior service, but so does her staff. Being one of her first patients, she makes me feel like family, not a patient. I now have my braces off and love my smile. She’s a perfectionist and won’t take them off until you have an amazing smile that you both are proud of. I give Walnut Central Orthodontics and Dr. Kanabar five stars. A place not only for children, but for adults too.”

May 25, 2018

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“Walnut Central Orthodontics is a warm, comfortable, family atmosphere. They remember your name, and greet you when you walk through the door. I have braces now and the results are unmatched. Dr. Kanabar is the nicest, and the best orthodontist. They have a mastermind for prices in Beej. He is understanding with people’s problems and is sympathetic of struggles that have yet to come. I’ve never had a place impact me so much. I say to anyone looking for high quality people and results, go to Walnut Central Orthodontics and see for yourself.”

Apr 18, 2018

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“We relocated from Phoenix, AZ in 2008 and needed an orthodontist for our 15-year-old-son who previously had braces but his teeth were shifting. Found Walnut Central Orthodontics office online; how lucky we could be? They worked out an affordable plan, were very honest, and really made me and our son feel comfortable. For any parents who are anxious or worried about finding the right orthodontist, let me just say that I highly recommend Dr. Kanabar and her team.”

Mar 02, 2018

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“Clean and everything looked organized. The people who work there are nice and very caring of your satisfaction. I had braces before and had a bad experience with the overall treatment. Walnut Central Orthodontics is the total opposite. I got the clear brackets and I love them. They do not stain with any food or drinks since these don’t require rubber bands. I just started my treatment and I look forward for my next appointment with Dr. Kanabar. I have already referred two people who had been to a consultation with another orthodontist and they were much happier after meeting Dr. Kanabar. They got the best price and loved the way they were treated at Walnut Central Orthodontics.”

Feb 19, 2018

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“Love everyone’s caring attitudes and concern for my daughter’s well-being; treatment is fast!”

Jan 22, 2018

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“I was doubtful about braces at my age, but I needed to correct the steadily increasing spaces between my lower teeth. I had previously spent a fortune for porcelain veneers on my upper teeth and I didn’t want to repeat that and I didn’t want my lower teeth filed and permanently altered for veneers; yet I wanted a good result, and fast! My friend recommended Dr. Kanabar, and I was soon wearing clear braces that were barely noticeable and very reasonably priced. I appreciate Dr. Kanabar for her patience and the beautiful smile I’m wearing. You can expect a hassle-free experience with flexibility in scheduling appointments and a friendly and professional staff. This is a gold star place of business!”

Jan 12, 2018

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“I like Walnut Central Orthodontics because they have done a very good job since they put my braces on. The problems I had were my fault, not theirs. I like their office because they have a PlayStation 3 in their waiting room, cool movies on their TV, and very polite staff. I like how their toothbrushes are pre-pasted. I especially like Able because when I had a loose tooth, Able used his ‘figure 8’ method and got it out with no pain. Dr. Kanabar is a great orthodontist. Those are just some of the reasons I like Walnut Central Orthodontics.”

Sep 14, 2017

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“I decided to get Invisalign after my first set of braces. Fortunately I found Dr. Kanabar, and she gave me hope in orthodontists again. I have never met a doctor who was as kind, honest, and caring as she was. Her staff is VERY nice and professional. And best of all, they offered me the best deal on my treatment. I am only half way through my liners, and I am happier than I ever was. I feel very comfortable with these folks, and you can definitely trust them to give you the absolute best treatment you deserve. I give these guys five stars, but they deserve much more than that.‎”

Aug 30, 2017

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“I am completely confident in the work Dr. Kanabar and her staff members do. My orthodontic treatment plan requires several steps and coordination between Dr. Kanabar, my dentist, and my periodontist. When I began the treatment process I thought it was going to be tough on me as a patient to facilitate communication among the three doctors and to keep track of next steps in my plan, but Dr. Kanabar has been instrumental in ensuring timely and effective communication occurs so that I am fully taken care of as a patient. She has helped make the process effortless on my part and I enjoy working with her. All I have to do is show up and Dr. Kanabar takes care of the rest! It is evident that she cares about her patients. Dr. Kanabar goes the extra step for her patients, does excellent work, and is a pleasure to be around. Everyone at Walnut Central Orthodontics should be applauded for excellent and friendly service.”

Aug 22, 2017

* * * * *

“Walnut Central Orthodontics has been such and enjoyment to work with. The professional staff and quality of work is amazing. I always have a great time and leave with a smile. Dr. Kanabar takes time to get to know each and every patient to provide the best possible work! And they always work with you on payment options. She truly has a great office and quality work all around. Dr. Kanabar takes pride in her patients’ teeth and the wants each to be happy with the work.”

Aug 10, 2017

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“Before I started my orthodontic treatment, I visited various orthodontist clinics around the area. Then I met Beej (office manager) and he clearly explained to me the process and we worked out a payment that worked with my budget. Dr. K has a very positive and cordial staff. It was a pleasure dealing with them over the phone and in person.
“Each visit, she took the time to check my progress and answer any questions I had. She always made sure the job was to my satisfaction. She went beyond my expectations, and I thank them so much for the outstanding job and service!”

May 16, 2017

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“I have truly enjoyed my experience with Walnut Orthodontics. The staff in the office were always friendly and professional. The atmosphere was always so enjoying and refreshing. Nothing I ever seen in a dental office. Dr. Kanabar was always willing to talk to you and explain every detail regarding the treatment. Beej was awesome; he truly helped more than he had to and I’m truly thankful for him and the staff. I would recommend any one to this office. It’s always good to know that behind a business you have people who care and will work with you. I am overly satisfied with my service and my new beautiful teeth. I’m able to be confident in my smile and I thank everyone at Walnut Orthodontics for a job well done. Two thumbs up!”

May 08, 2017

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“It may seem like I’m simply typing this for form or fashion, but it is truly a blessing to have found Walnut Central Orthodontics! When I walked through the Doors of Walnut Central Orthodontics I instantly knew that I would have my braces done with Dr. Kanabar! The employees are warm and light hearted (and not too hard on the eyes), the ambiance is very cozy, clean, and modern. To say the least there is no creepy linoleum flooring and blaring fluorescent lights! Dr. Kanabar is so charming and hospitable and you can tell that she enjoys coming to work every day. Her husband, who manages the daily business behind the scenes, is congenial and amiable and he will do whatever he can to help you. Give Dr. Kanabar a try you will not regret it! Trust me I like my orthodontist so much that I’ve written more than one review! Kanabar can’t be beat!”

Mar 30, 2017

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“We were BLESSED to find Dr. Kanabar and staff at Walnut Central Orthodontics. I was looking for an orthodontist online and this orthodontist office had a NICE website to be as new as they were so I decided to call, and Dr. Kanabar answered the phone herself. WOW! This does not happen often. Dr. Kanabar welcomed my son and didn’t try to rush the conversation. Once we made the visit they were so nice and will definitely work with to make sure that you will be a HAPPY PATIENT. That was VERY PLEASING. Now my daughter now has her braces under Dr. Kanabar. I have referred patients and will continue to do so. Sometimes patients feel more welcomed when they get a chance to talk with the dentist. Not many dentist offices will work with you financially. I believe that Walnut Central Orthodontics will continue to grow because of the caring hearts and warm welcome that people receive when they visit the location.”

Jan 11, 2017

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Dr. Kanabar and her staff are knowledgeable, attentive to
My needs. They address all my questions and concerns without hesitation. It is a very warm, friendly yet professional office. I'm so happy I found Walnut orthodontist. (Facebook)