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Houston Sleeve Surgeon, Dr. Elias Darido, is the leading provider of comprehensive weight loss solutions in the greater Houston area.

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Oct 08, 2019


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I first went to see Dr Darido about chronic heartburn and acid reflux. After some consultation and an endoscopy, it was revealed I had a hiatal hernia and it was exaggerated by being over weight. Dr. Darido helped me get on to an affordable program to repair the hernia and a gastric sleeve. 4 months later, I am now down 40 pounds! I have always struggled with loosing weight and suffered through diets. Now I feel like I am just eating naturally and loosing weight. I have not experienced any post-op issues and I am feeling 10 years younger. (Source: Google Review)

Feb 06, 2019


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I recommend Dr. Darido for the VSG. He was very attentive in the hospital after my procedure making sure I had what I needed. He is highly skilled in his surgical procedure that he made the perfect VSG for me. I had no complications post op. I am one year post op and have not had any complications. I am grateful that I chose to get this procedure done it has changed my life completely. (Source: Google Review)

Dec 03, 2018


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I had the best experience with Dr. Darido and his staff! They all made everything so simple for me. The nurse, the scheduler and all the staff at the hospital were excellent! Dr. Darido really cares about his patients and he showed it. He explained everything very thoroughly to my wife and I. I couldn't have asked for a better Doctor! (Source: Google Review)

Dec 08, 2017


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This was truly a life changing Surgery. Dr. Darido is definitely an artist. The staff was very helpful and informative my experience was 5 stars all the way!!
I have already recommended him to two of my friends., if you want to be healthy kick diabetes in the butt and live longer a gastric sleeve is the way to go!!!

With Sincerest Regards
Jesse (Source: Google Review)

Nov 20, 2017


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Dr. Darido and his staff are excellent! Great service, very patient oriented. All my questions and emails were answered promptly. First consultation was excellent. Dr. Darido explained every detail of my surgery, making me feel very comfortable and confident.
He is very personable and is always available to answer all questions you might have.
I'm thankful I have found him. (Source: Google Review)

Nov 11, 2017


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I have the greatest amount of respect for Dr. Darido and I am so grateful that he took me on as a patient.
I live approximately 540 miles away from his office and the drive is well worth every mile to me.
He has great bed-side manners, funny and very, very caring. All of my questions and concerns are important to him. Nothing goes unanswered. His door is always open if I should need him.

I had previously had a Nissen Fundoplication surgery years ago for severe GERD, but I kept having bloating, belching and sadly, lots of weight gain; therefore I decided to have the sleeve surgery, I was so miserable and unhappy.
I recently had my surgery and Dr. Darido came across a large hiatal hernia. I think he got more with me than he expected. Dr. Darido has given me a second chance of becoming a healthier person.

I want to give a kind word about his office staff..........they are fabulous !! The scheduling coordinator is awesome. She takes care of everything. She dots your I's and crosses your T's, she doesn't miss a thing !
I'm not worried about anything when it comes to his office.

Also, the First Street Hospital staff was very caring, helpful and pleasant.

Overall, I just can't speak highly enough about Dr. Darido. (Source: Google Review)

Oct 05, 2017


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Dr. Darido and his team have me a new life.
I am very happy with my gastric sleeve performed by Dr. Darido. He also repaired my hiatal hernia and I feel great! No more heartburn or acid reflux.
100% recommended (Source: Google Review)

Sep 12, 2017


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I had the best experience with Dr. Darido and his staff! They all made everything so simple for me. The nurse, the scheduler and all the staff at the hospital were excellent! Dr. Darido really cares about his patients and he showed it. He explained everything very thoroughly to my wife and I. I couldn't have asked for a better Doctor! (Source: Google Review)

Jun 04, 2017


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I had an awesome experience with Dr. Darido and his staff. I had gastric sleeve surgery 4 months ago and I love it! I have already lost 37 lbs. What I like best about his practice is that I was always able to see him when I had an appointment. Unlike other practices, you don't have to see weight loss counselors, you actually see the physician. Dr. Darido is very patient and gives you as much time as you need during your appointment. The hospital where I had my procedure was fantastic as well. Definitely recommend Dr. Darido! (Source: Google Review)

Dec 22, 2016


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I have done extensive research online before choosing Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center. Dr. Darido and his team were very helpful and kind. They made me feel very comfortable and I was never rushed in any of my office visits. Dr. Darido is very knowledgeable in acid reflux and stomach issues. I struggled with severe heartburn and high blood pressure. Dr. Darido listened to me and my symptoms and we went through my options Surgical and non surgical. Prior to surgery, Dr. Darido found a hernia on the test he conducted and we decided to fix the hernia in addition to the sleeve surgery. It was the best decision ever. I have lost 42 pounds so far and I have no heartburn and no more high blood pressure. I am very pleased with my surgery and I am excited for my new lifestyle change. Thank you Dr. Darido and his wonderful staff!

Dec 02, 2016


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Dr Darido , He listened to my health condition and explain everything in terms that I could understand. He is very accurate and humble. I felt that he gave me quality time that I need. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. It is worth going to the best. (Source: Google Review)

Sep 01, 2016


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I have suffered from severe acid reflux and a chronic cough due to acid reflux for years and just got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and had to do something about it. I had heard commercials on the radio for Dr. Darido and the Houston Heartburn center and decided to give them a call for an appointment. Upon meeting Dr. Darido, after 5 min, I was instantly at ease and knew I'd come to the right place. He confirmed everything I suspected and instantly outlined my options to remedy this reflux. I never felt rushed or like he was on a timed schedule. He answered all my questions completely and put me at ease. After an endoscopy to get a better look at everything and formalize our treatment, we decided a gastric sleeve along with hernia repair. I was nervous for sure, but Dr. Darido again, answered all my questions, drew diagrams, gave me reading material so I would be well informed. I think when doing surgery like this it is very important to have ease & confidence with your surgeon.....and Dr. Darido definitely gave me both.....I had my procedure on 8/25/16. Dr. Darido was wonderful at the hospital and at the daily follow ups while in recovery. I'm now 1 week post surgery and had my first office follow up. I am now totally acid reflux free and my chronic cough was gone day 1 after surgery. Dr. Darido was pleased with my progress and again, encouraging. He engaged me with questions and always asked if there was any questions I had that he hadn't addressed. If nothing else, he's totally patient focused. I think the stars above that I found Dr. Darido and would highly recommend him. His staff is just as wonderful!

Aug 25, 2016


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Dr. Darido is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. He spent a lot of time explaining my procedure every step of the way. You actually meet with him and not an advocate or healthcare extender. His bedside manner is awesome! I'm very pleased with my surgery results.

Feb 26, 2016


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Dr. Darido, spent more time with my wife and I than any other doctor, in our combined lives. He was very knowledgable about his craft and he made certain we understood the process of what to expect before and after surgery. Additionally, he was there every step of the way, from the first contrasting imaging session, through the selection of procedures, before surgery and he ensured that all was well after surgery and both he and his staff followed up regularly to check in.

In this fast paced society where you are treated like a number, or a patient by so many... Dr. Darido, treats you like a friend... He gave us his personal cell phone to call should we have any questions before the procedure and in the weeks following the procedure.

Dr. Darido is the "BEST" of them all!

Jan 03, 2016


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Excellent doctor that truly cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Darido went above and beyond to make sure my surgery went smoothly and safely. I am very pleased with the care I have received and will recommend Dr. Darido to anyone interested in weight loss surgery. He deserves ten stars!!!!

Oct 21, 2015


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Dr. Darido is very professional and candid about the process. He is excellent with patient care and quality of life. He is vey personable and compassionate about his work. I would fecommend Dr.Darido and his staff.

Oct 08, 2015


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Dr. Darido is an amazing doctors, he is caring and he listens to his patient he's never in a rush when I come for my appointment. The fist time I seen him my blood pressure was really high and he was very concerned he didn't was me to leave his office he got on the phone with another colleague and asked her to see me right away she did and I was able to get my BP under control. I had my surgery 8/25/15 and I feel amazing I have lost 40 pounds. I have not take any BP medication since my surgery. Thank you Dr Darido for helping me get my health back on track. If you are looking for a good caring doctor please contact My doctor.

Aug 21, 2015


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I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Darido and his staff. Dr. Darido always had the time to answer any question and explain every aspect of my surgery. The results of my surgery have been overwhelming and I highly recommend him.

Jun 10, 2015


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He is a great doctor. He is thorough and detailed and very patient . He describes in detail the diagnosis and the procedure required. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Jun 09, 2015


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The sleeve is still the best decision I have ever made in my life. I have been so much more active than ever. I play Tennis, i go on cruises and I am able to enjoy every second of my life. You did an amazing job Dr. Darido and will forever be thankful to you.