Oct 21, 2020


Awesome service awesome result
Super comfy people are nice and clean

Oct 11, 2020


Fantastic as an experience as one can have with an emergency center. Very professional staff that is courteous and efficient - we were all stitched up and out in less than 30 minutes. This should be your go to emergency care center!

Oct 06, 2020


Love Love Love Sacred Heart! The staff are so awesome! The quality of care was outstanding. Dr. Im explained everything he was going to check and do. The facility was very welcoming and very clean. The nurses were very attentive and listened to our concerns.

I highly recommend Sacred Heart!

Sep 19, 2020


Wonderful staff and treatment! This place is amazing and we were in and out in under 1 hour. Thank you so much Sacred Heart!

Sep 19, 2020


I had to take my husband here twice, once for an appendicitis and another time for a bad allergic reaction. The doctors are so helpful and were quick to help him. The front desk got him in quick and helped us with the paperwork if we had questions. The nurses kept checking in how him to make sure she was comfortable and when they had to transfer him, Monica the nurse was so helpful with making sure everything would go over okay because, due to Covid restrictions, i wasn’t aloud at the hospital. Such an amazing place to go when you are in time of need.

Sep 18, 2020


As soon as you walk in the door the atmosphere is pleasant. Stanley the nurse was nice and funny. Dr. Nahm knew exactly what to do and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. I would definitely recommend Sacred Heart to family and friends.

Sep 18, 2020


Never want to love an ER since you only come during tough times, but this place always makes my family feel welcome and safe and well taken care of. From the front desk girls Sam and Amber, to the tech Tricia. They always take the best and most efficient care of us. Even though we live about 30 minutes away, it’s always much faster than any urgent cares or hospitals anywhere near us.

Sep 18, 2020


Spectacular service from the front desk to the amazing bedside manner of the nurse and Dr we will only be using this facility for all our future needs !! Highly recommended!!!

Sep 16, 2020


Always great service and friendly staff. I use them more than I use my PCP.

Sep 15, 2020


Great and prompt service; all the staff is very kind and caring and they prescribed a very accurate treatment to my needs. Highly recommended!

Sep 14, 2020


Sacred Heart is the only ER I will ever go to after two fantastic experiences there and an absolutely horrendous one at the Memorial Hermann ER at Memorial City. The staff is very courteous and kind and we have been seen immediately both in the middle of the night and during the day. Today, I had to take my son for stitches. He is 21 months old and the wound is in the middle of his forehead. The entire staff was so caring with my son and so patient and helpful. He was seen by Dr. Mark Im and he was extremely competent. He put topical lidocaine on the wound so it would be partially numb before injecting it with more. I found that to be so considerate of his age. The nurse and office manager (I’ve forgotten her name but she was so lovely!) swaddled him in a sheet so that he was bound and then showed us how to best help to hold and soothe him while she held his head in place. The wound was bleeding quite profusely and she was able to hold him still and periodically dab the blood for Dr. Im. It was very impressive. Iain was wailing in the beginning and Dr. Im remained so calm and stitched the wound with very careful exactness and was so proficient that it did not take him long at all. Iain even stopped crying and was furiously sucking his pacifier and a few grunts of protest. It was amazing. I was very grateful that Dr. Im was there today! Thank you again to everyone at Sacred Heart for your kindness and for taking such good care of my precious baby.

Sep 12, 2020


This location is great! The were incredibly sweet to my 2.5 year old and even gave her a cute little teddy bear at the end. It was so clean. Her nurse, Sheila, was kind and explained everything thoroughly. Her doctor had two kids and was very reassuring. The receptionist was very kind and clearly remembered us when we were leaving, as well!

Sep 09, 2020


The Doctor and staff were very courteous and helpful. Would definitely recommend this Clinic

Sep 07, 2020


Love this place it has became one of our favorite 24 hour urgent care go to. All the staff is so nice and generous from the moment you walk in .Today specially I was Blessed by the Doctor that was on duty I was so excited by the good news that he gave me that I forgot to get his name but if he reads this he will know I am talking about him!! I highly recommend this place to anyone that is in the need to see a doctor and the wait time is fast! LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! ????

Sep 07, 2020


This clinic was amazing!!

They got us in quickly, listened to everything thoroughly, and since we were cash customers they were very thoughtful about outlining the cost of each test as they recommend it.

Also even though we are in the middle of covid-19, they allowed me to walk back with my husband.

The next time we need urgent care, this is where we’ll be going!

Sep 04, 2020


My experience at Sacred Heart Emergency Center was beyond extraordinary from arrival until departure. The receptionist, nurse, technician and doctor cared for me like I was family. Their process for admission and treatment was very efficient and provided communication throughout my stay. I will definitely recommend their services to all my family and friends and will be the first place I turn to for any future emergencies!

Sep 03, 2020


Amazing patient service highly recommend!!!!

Sep 03, 2020


Best place for ER. Doctor Su is great and very helpful for explaining the situation and I am grateful for his getting me into the hospital. Also I want to thanks Ms Monica for her kindness. Definitely I highly recommend everyone going there.


Sep 02, 2020


Sacred Heart is the first place we turn to. The environment is welcoming. We have always been seen right away. The doctors are all so helpful and care about their patients. We have never had a bad experience. They make sure they answer all your questions and leaving you feeling confident you’ve had the best care. Even during stressful times the doctors and staff always have a smile on their face.

Aug 27, 2020


Super quick , no waiting , very clean , amazing kind staff , compassionate, helpful , very sweet to my child (5yrs old) , gave very clear explanations about what they are doing step by step , results , and proper care after , even gave her a special gift afterwards for being so good and brave. Made our scary night turn out to feel all better! Amazing Dr’s & Nursing care Thank you so much for taking incredible care of my daughter !!

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