May 08, 2020


Personable, competent and he cares

Apr 30, 2020


Approachable, direct, trustworthy

Apr 28, 2020


Easy to talk to.

Apr 08, 2020


Straightforward and to the point. Pleasure to discuss healthcare with Dr Solomos.

Mar 18, 2020


Does an excellent job of explaining and discussing my test resultls

Mar 13, 2020


Dr. Solomos is an excellent physician. He is one of the best doctors, I've had in my lifetime. Extremely knowledgeable and skilled.

Mar 12, 2020


I use Dr. Solomos every year for my annual checkup. I would recommend him.

Mar 11, 2020


His professional demeanor is one of a doctor who is a sincere and kind in serving his patients. He is very patient listening to my health concerns, and providing advisory suggestions on how to improve any conditions I have. Best among the best!!!

Mar 08, 2020


In a word - Personable- Dr. Solomos easily discussed test results and answered all my questions with explanations that were thorough and understanding.

Mar 03, 2020


Really comprehensive and informative review of test results, taking the time necessary to ensure that the patient fully understands his/her health status.

Feb 28, 2020


always listens to me and discusses all my medical concerns.

Feb 25, 2020


I am deeply grateful for his reference that I see Dr. Kuhl, head of Pulmonology at Main Campus; resulted in a diagnosis that ended my COPD / Asthma symptoms
Dr. Solomos is highly learned; conveys true interest in me and takes his time in asking questions and in review of all results and possible factors of my conditions. This visit was one of the best I've ever had.

Feb 25, 2020


I always get very nervous about Dr visits especially my annual physicals!! My experience with Dr Solomos and the whole staff was nothing less than excellent and even enjoyable! They were attentive and right on point. Dr Solomos was personable, very engaged and was there for as long as I needed. I felt heard, listened to and well taken care of. I will be going back every year!

Feb 21, 2020


Dr Solomos is very thorough, knowledgeable and takes action when required. Great manners with patents.

Feb 20, 2020


Dr Solomas is very personable, very thorough, and really cares about his patients.

Feb 16, 2020


Dr Solomon’s is very thorough. He takes the time to go over everything with you and has a great demeanor!

Feb 14, 2020


Great doctor who cares about his patients. Somebody you can trust

Feb 07, 2020


Dr. Solomos not only takes the time to fully explain the meaning of all of your test results, but also to inquire fully about all matters that might be relevant that do not necessary show up on basic tests. He is a genuinely warm and caring physician (with a great sense of humor!).

Feb 05, 2020


He explain all the results.

Feb 01, 2020


Dr. Solomos is a knowledgeable physician who takes time to learn about your health and life situation, and to explain the health issues that arise from his examination and test results, etc.
The staff also is proficient and caring.

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