Nov 20, 2021


Called his office on a Friday after having a bad experience elsewhere. Got in early Monday morning and had surgery scheduled for that Thursday. Staff was great, he was great, and the surgery went better than I thought it would.

Nov 09, 2021


I arrived at Dr Collins office this morning, the Receptionist reassured me, told me he had coffee, I was in a great deal of pain. For over a year thinking how in the world do I get better..
Dr Collins came in and told me I have Arthritis, clearly not a good case- as I wanted to get relief and said yes let’s do this he was very calm and talking to me be for I knew it I had a shot in the effected area- then repeat! For both thumbs! I’m already feeling better range of motion has increased! His assistant was wonderful, as they see you on your Worst day! Not fun for pain to dictate your life!! Thank you Dr Collins and your amazing Assistant, you made me feel welcome and reassured

Aug 10, 2021


Dr. Collins is super nice and concerned, all the staff are wonderful, I would recommend him to everyone

Feb 04, 2021


Dr. Evans was absolutely awesome! You will really appreciate him talking with you ! The staff was amazing and most important they were friendly...

Feb 04, 2021


Absolutely amazing! Dr Collins talked with you.... Could not have been better...

His staff was outstanding friendly and fun....

Jan 18, 2021


He is truly and expert, caring for each patient. The whole experience was outstanding.

Oct 27, 2020


My experience with Dr. Collins and his staff is always remarkable! Dr. Collins is absolutely one of the most compassionate and competent surgeons I have ever encountered. He listens intently to ones concerns and addresses them. Dr. Collins compassion and caring for his patients is amazing, making one feel comfortable in moments of need. My concern this time was chronic tennis elbow. Injection therapy had not been successful and he turned to a minor, in office procedure called TENEX. This was a super minimally invasive procedure done right there and gave almost immediate and lasting relief from a condition that has been persistent for quite some time. I am heartfully grateful for the care and treatment Dr. Collins has provided. He has also treated other members of my immediate family for various hand conditions over the years and they all concur with my glowing reviews of him.

Oct 26, 2020


Best experience with visiting a new physician ever. The staff especially Altrese and Victor were so incredibly supportive. Dr. Collins and his team were compassionate, efficient and very knowledgeable. A rarity these days. Thank you.

Sep 30, 2020


I suffered from tennis elbow after providing care for my father and Dr. Collins started treatment and after a few months he recommended the Tenex procedure and the results have been amazing!
Dr. Collins and his team are exceptional, compassionate, and professional! I would recommend them without hesitation! Bravo!

Feb 07, 2020


I've gone to Dr Collins for carpal tunnel release surgery on both of my hands and to consult regarding a rotator cuff problem, with superb results in every case. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Collins!

Jan 22, 2020


Today I had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Collin’s physicians assistant (GARRETT) that supports Dr. Collins.
I definitely would give him a 5 out of 5 or 6/5 for PA GARRETT’s follow up and for taking advantage of escalating the issues I’ve been experiencing.
I asked that Dr. Collins provide the link so I can provide feedback what is so critical, is so important when it comes to a customer who is seeking professional and critical help regarding their health.
Garrett (the PA) was especially focused on my situation and very compassionate, Garrett then followed up with my orthapedic surgeon Dr. Collins to see what might could be done. I continue to be very impressed with Methodist hospital, they are the best record keepers as well as in my opinion the very best in customer satisfaction. Thank you Garrett for providing such helpful information that will be sent over to the corporate office as well as Dr. Collins.

Jan 22, 2020


I have been working with the PA I believe to be Garrett, I had the opportunity to call Dr. Collins regarding some new and different issues and I was referred to the physicians assistant Garrett to follow up on my issues. Garrett has been outstanding in his communication, extremely professional and a man of his word. I want to ensure that Garrett is recognized for his services and timely follow-up. On a score of five out of five I’d give Garrett a tan. Extremely professional, knowledgeable yet concerned that he get exact information from Dr. Collins. I will be following up with a new appointment as a result of my contact with the PA named Garrett. Garrett is recognized for his services and timely follow-up. On a score of five out of five I give Garrett a 10. Extremely professional, knowledgeable yet concerned that he get exact information from Dr. Collins. I will be following up with a new appointment as a result of my contact with the PA named Garrett. thank you so much to Methodist with your superior service but also with Dr. Collins office and his PA named Garrett. I continue to receive outstanding support from Dr. Collins office. I would not want to do any appointments with anybody but Methodist hospital as I really appreciate the tool (MY CHART) and the availability to enter And see my most recent Appointments and test results. Methodist is the best by far I would not change my service or support to anybody else except for Methodist Hospital. Positively a 5 out of 5, I would give Garrett a score of six out of five for the way he has conducted his physicians communication and follow up. Thanks so much to Dr. Collins office and the professional assistance that the “PA” GARRET has provided.

Dec 16, 2019


He is not only a great surgeon, but a great communicator! I always feel like he answers all my questions in a way I understand. He has a way of making you feel at ease and not stressed out about the situation. His advice is very common sense and real life! Highly recommend!!

Oct 30, 2019


I absolutely love Dr. Collins! He is really great at his specialties, he’s funny and he has a sense of humor! He is very honest and upfront!

Oct 30, 2019


I absolutely love Dr. Collins! He is really great at his specialties, he’s funny and he has a sense of humor! He is very honest and upfront!

Oct 18, 2019


Dr. Collins and his associate nurse was extremely helpful and listened very intently on my current issues.
I had surgery on my right arm for ulnar nerve damage. I’ve not seen any improvements but that’s not a result of Dr. Collins it may be a result of a much greater issue within my spinal cord in the cervical area.
Dr. Collins was extremely attentive of my current situation, at this point we will look at how things progress or digress in the next six weeks. Dr. was not in anyway rushing to have surgery on my left arm as he wants to fully understand what happens in the next six weeks. His office manager, nursing staff and of course Dr. Collins was most professional and a great listener.
Sometimes I feel like Dr’s just do not want to listen to what a patient has to say, I have to say Dr. Collins was very attentive to my current health situation. I appreciate so much Dr. Collins extremely GREAT bedside manners that he has. He is very attentive & pleasant and very personable. He come highly recommended by my neurosurgeon Dr. Todd Trask who has performe 4 brain surgeries on me as well as 4 spinal surgeries due to my spinal brain injury 13.5 yes ago.
I highly recommend Dr. Collins as a orthopedic surgeon. Please disregard any negative comments as I thin if anyone knows and understands his patients, it is Dr. Trask and Dr. Collins

Jun 25, 2019


Dr Collins is amazing! Listened to what I had to say and we came up with the plan to treat my carpal tunnel!! If I ever have issues with my arms this is the ONLY Dr I would use. He treated me several years ago, but since then has treated my mother, sister and several coworkers.

Jun 25, 2019


Dr. Collins is an orthopedic upper extremities specialist. He is fun and caring, he is informative and encouraging, he is realistic and optimistic. And he is a hand surgeon par-excellence. I went into his office with fear and dread, knowing in my heart I was probably facing a very tough surgery (my left hand had been operated on by another hand surgeon several years before, followed by months of very painful recovery and a disappointing outcome). Dr. Collins was warm and gentle, patient and kind. But reality had its way, and I faced surgery on my right hand with much trepidation. He and the wonderful staff of Methodist Hospital's OPC Pre-Op and Orthopedic Surgery units made my surgical experience as easy and painless as possible. My post-operative care by Dr. Collins and Methodist's OT hand specialist was wonderful. I cannot adequately express my gratitude - and amazement - at my recovery process and outcome. Dr. Evan Collins is a fine gentleman, an incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy physician, and the absolute best hand surgeon ever. On a scale of 1 - 5, he's a 10. (Google Review)

Jun 25, 2019


I cannot rave enough about this doctor!!!! He is the nicest doctor ever!!! He has gone above and beyond to accommodate my situation and schedule. I too, am in the medical field, so being extremely busy myself, and dealing with medical professionals all the time, I can honestly say, this is one of the nicest doctors I have ever dealt with. He is constantly smiling and always interacting with his patients. He is very meticulous with his work and knowledgeable! I felt very comfortable and secure with him doing my hand surgery. All went well and I cannot be more pleased!! I would highly recommend this doctor and his staff! All of them have been so pleasant and they really do treat you like family! I especially enjoyed the cast RN Joe and OT Ricardo. They took such great care of me and my injury and really put me at ease at every appointment! I will refer this doctor to everyone including my own family! My experience surpassed five stars!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Furthermore, for the bad review written by J. Lindsey, I cannot imagine how you had a bad experience at this practice. With most doctors visits come a wait, my wait experience with Dr. Collins was not horrible, but very caring, because once it was my turn with the doctor, any time waiting for him was well worth it. He sat and listened to me and explained everything in full and took his time with me. I cannot agree with you on your explanation of appointment because I witnessed him doing the same treatment with all the others around me. He wasn't rushed at all and was very willing to go to lengths to get me corrected to his fullest. I'm sorry you didn't have the same experience as I, mine was fantastic!!

Jun 07, 2019


Wonderful surgeon and great staff