Nov 18, 2020


I've been using this tea for years because it brings quick pain relief and calms my digestive system. Thank you for transitioning it to a packet rather than the tin that rusted easily.

Oct 13, 2020


This product has really helped my diverticuliti by calming my system.

Sep 18, 2020


I have found that your teas help mitigate the intensity of my cramping sessions. The scent of the tea definitely "calms" me, as well.

Sep 18, 2020


Love the taste of these blends. Morning blend is a good start for my day as well during the day the Diverticulosis blend. My gut is happy!

Aug 30, 2020


Drinking two cups a day enjoy it very much

Aug 12, 2020


I enjoy this tea so much , I have gave up diet pop. I drink my morning tea in the morning and then I make ice tea with the diverticulitis tea.
So refreshing and healthy..

Jun 04, 2020


I’m really happy with the results so far, it seems to be helping me with cramping and bloating! So far so good. I would recommend your product to everyone that needs it!

Apr 16, 2020


I have been completely satisfied with the results. Spasms and pain have gone away.

Apr 11, 2020


Not only do I like the taste of calming blends tea, it may a real difference in my diverticulitis symptoms. I also like the probiotics and the combination of the tea and probiotics have been positive for my overall health.

Mar 20, 2020


Very good.The tea and probiotics working very good

Mar 10, 2020


It has helped my diverticulitis tremendously. I love the taste of the
tea. I like to add honey to my teas.
Exceptional product!! Thanks for the great tasting tea and for helping my

Feb 24, 2020


My wife was diagnosed with diverticulitis and the painl was constant. we began using morning comfort tea, her favorite, and the diverticulitis tea. she found quick relief. It's now her daily routine

Feb 03, 2020


I purchased this tea for my mother when she was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. She loves it! She has asked me to continue to order it and said it has become part of her regular wellness routine. (Bought from Amazon)

Dec 28, 2019


I love the taste, helps me a lot with my diverticulitis pain.

Dec 27, 2019


Helps quickly to relieve pain.

Dec 24, 2019


It taste really good. Does it always work, NO why< because I don't always follow a good diet. All in all it helps me.

Nov 10, 2019


It’s definitely helping with my diverticulitis!

Oct 24, 2019


You are doing your part, I need to take better care of myself.

Oct 14, 2019


I feel that the tea along with the calming blends probiotic vitamin helped with my flare ups

Oct 07, 2019


Better than coffee. Soothes stomach pain.
Easy to make. I add a little honey.