Sep 23, 2021


This stuff works! Experiencing an extremely painful flare-up. Made a large cup of this tea. About a half hour later I suddenly realized I wasn't in horrible pain! I felt much better for about two hours until the pain returned. (Source: Amazon)

Sep 15, 2021


I enjoy the tea and it helps with my symptoms

Aug 26, 2021


I e enjoyed it and it helped .

Aug 13, 2021


I really enjoy the Diverticulitus teIt came with a probiotica supplement. Easy to order on line.

Aug 13, 2021


I got this for my neighbor who is having a difficult time after being diagnosed with Diverticulitis. He has used for 5 days now and says it is working very well for him. He is having less pain and is even sleeping better. I know results can vary and it will depend on each person but for him I can say it is definitely helping. (Source: Amazon)

Aug 10, 2021


Awesome 😀

Jul 30, 2021


The tea has a very pleasant taste and is very soothing to my bowels! I am so glad I found you website!

Jun 15, 2021


I can’t believe a Tea would change my life like this thank you very much

Apr 29, 2021


Until I found this tea, my recovery from Diverticulitis was touch and go. Using this tea daily, I have been able to avoid flares and feel so much better. Thanks!

Apr 12, 2021


I have only enjoyed this blend a few times and each time I drink it it tastes wonderful and you can definitely feel your insides being soothed!

Mar 29, 2021


Finding this tea has essentially saved my daily existence. I am finally able to achieve some level of control over stomach issues and am very grateful.

Mar 27, 2021


it is working to calm my diverticulitis and I feel better along with
other dietary changes I have made. Thank you for this great
healthy product.

Mar 04, 2021


The tea really helps my diverticulosis and divertidulitis It has a calming effect on my gut. Best thing though are your probiotic capsule. I see a big difference in pain management taking 2 per day.

Feb 24, 2021


It is very good.Would not be with out it.Thanks

Feb 12, 2021


I feel great!!!!

Feb 02, 2021


Your teas are a godsend for me. Most importantly, is that they calm my tummy and they taste great!! I have bought all your teas and also purchased the probiotics. Your teas work for me and I have an extreme case of diverticulosis. Many thanks for your teas. If in doubt, don’t delay, you will not be disappointed!!

Jan 28, 2021


So far so good! I had been paying over $70 monthly for live/active probiotics from a local holistic pharmacy that have to stay refrigerated. I am glad that I took a chance and tried Calming Blends probiotics! They appear to be just as effective and no refrigeration required! (Amazon Review)

Jan 21, 2021


Very helpful and soothing to my symptoms.

Jan 19, 2021


I've had digestive issues for years and have been in and out of the doctors. Since I started drinking the tea, I have not had any issues with my stomach or constipation issues. The flavor is pretty mild, and I add a little cinnamon which works perfect for me. The price is great, and I enjoy drinking it at least once or twice a day. (Amazon Review)

Jan 16, 2021


My Wife had been struggling with (lower GI Distress). Nothing seemed to help ! After seeing her Doctor & getting a “Diverticulitis “
Diagnosis , we discovered this Tea on Amazon. After 2 days of drinking 3 cups per day, She is feeling So much better! Way less bloating, and a feeling of CALM ! So much more Energy! Thank You Calming Blends & Amazon! (Amazon Review)