Oct 14, 2021


I can barely put to words how thankful we are to have found this program. In the several weeks that Isaac has been participating, we have seen such a vast improvement in him - in his attitude and overall engagement with life - that he is almost unrecognizable. He has gone from one word conversations of, "Fine, I'm fine, everything's fine," with practical tears in his eyes to full conversations with excitement and curiosity. He takes responsibility for his actions if they are not the best (like procrastinating projects and homework assignments) and although he might be disappointed in something that happens, he doesn't dwell on it and wallow in it like before.

An actual comparison... last June, he played in his championship baseball game and had some great plays. But his team lost by 1 run in a very close game. He struck out once and missed one ball in the field. When the game was over, he was ANGRY. Was barely consolable at how much he "sucked" and it took him a while to recover from it. Said he wasn't going to play baseball ever again. In fact, as we were leaving the game, his mother (I'm the stepmom) said she had to "prepare herself for going home with him," meaning it was going to take some energy to help him through the negative emotions of it. Fast forward to this past weekend, he played football and his team got crushed. The score was 35-0. When I spoke with him after the game, he wasn't upset at all. I asked him how it went and he laughed a little about "all the mistakes" he made and then concentrated more on the few great defensive plays he made. He is just so proud of himself and so willing to work towards personal accomplishments.

He was sick last week and home from school, so he missed his Wednesday night small group session. It seemed to set him back a little bit. He seemed a little more "lazy" and he spent more time just playing video games and going into his room to be by himself, and was a little moody when we asked him to do some things that took him away from his games. So we are definitely going to be taking advantage of the extended access to the videos and other things. But what a vast improvement. We tried therapy and tutoring and nothing worked even half as much as your program. Thank you so much! (Source: Parent Email)

Oct 13, 2021


Nick has been participating in the teen coaching program for the last three weeks. In that time I've noticed his activity level increasing, and he's even been waking up and going for a walk or run before 8:30 AM! This is huge! He's attended all the meetings and watched the videos, and I'm hopeful that this progress will continue! (Source: Client email)

Oct 09, 2021


Thank you for all your help today!! You have great Custer service. Have a wonderful weekend.
(Source: Customer Email)

Sep 19, 2021


I am writing this email to share my daughter Rihanna Samson positive change. My daughter start high school two weeks ago. As I mentioned before she was struggling to fit into her new school and never been easy foe her to meet friends. One of my goal for her to attend this coaching program was to learn some skill that helps to meet friends. Since the first day of school she has been meeting new student and able to call them friend already. My daughter never had a group phone call before. It has been an incredible two weeks for my daughter. I am only focusing in her good or positive outcome. She gets up in the morning most of the morning in her own and leave the house in timely manner. Last Friday she asked her English teacher she wants to in role in honor English which she never wanted before even though she qualify foe it. She talks to her friend in daily bases and when I told her she can’t talk after 8 pm she told her friend that and hung up the phone. Please let my daughter know that in your next group meeting how great she is changing her life around. Finally is there any tip that you guys share with me to support my daughter pls share with us. Thank you 🙏 for helping us to get this point
Misrak B (Source: Emailed from Parent)

Sep 10, 2021


Good afternoon,

I want to share with you the positive changes that we have seen and Elijah these past couple weeks. He has been more motivated to do chores without being asked, to volunteer to help a friend of the family with an estate sale, and then even offering to pay for an older couples purchases that they didn’t have enough for. He’s doing great in football, And has made it onto the Blue (A Team) freshman football team at Georgetown High School. He even agreed to turn on his camera on his first seminar with Dr RJ this past Sunday!!!

So proud of him!!!

Shannon (Mom of Eli) (Source: Emailed from Parent)

Aug 05, 2021


Dr. RJ’s program was extremely helpful to our family. My daughter really enjoyed participating in his Sunday group class. Best $2500 ever invested in my daughter. Thank you Dr. RJ and team for your wonderful program! She is so excited to continue to attend the Sunday sessions. I recommend Dr. RJ’s teen life coaching program and his parent program to anyone looking for additional support for their teen!

Jul 30, 2021


Such an amazing program! Dr. RJ's approach is different than anything I've ever seen. Both my son's were less than thrilled when they began the program and at first were refusing to participate. Although our sons didn't want us to be with them during the classes and sessions. My husband and I were encouraged by Dr. RJ's team to also watch and review the material. Once we did that and started applying, gently reinforcing the information, changing our mindset, using the verbiage, everything changed! Both our son's opened up to the program and we all as a family have changed our mindset. Not only did it teach our sons, it also taught us as parents.Truly and forever grateful!

Jul 27, 2021


Dr. RJs coaching program is superb. I would absolutely recommend it to any family that is looking for a positive change in their lives!

Jul 22, 2021


Dr. RJ is a great teen success life coach, I recommend him to all my family and friends.

Jul 20, 2021


Wonderful program!!! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. RJ and his coaches! Not only has this program changed my sons life, but mine as well. My son spends less time on devices, is more positive and engaging. We have a better relationships because of this and for that I will be forever grateful!

Jul 19, 2021


The opportunity for teens to train their minds to be more positive and motivated is awesome. Teens need a place to practice making good educated decisions without feeling judged. Dr. RJ’s Teen Life Coaching program gives us hope as parents in the Information Age.

Jul 19, 2021


Amazing transformation in my teens!

Jul 19, 2021


Dr. RJ's program was a completely different approach than anything else we had tried before and so were the results! My teenage daughter's grades went up, she started making a schedule for herself and checking things off the list each day, she started exercising-she even comes out of her room and hangs out with us regularly. She completed the Dr. RJ's program months ago and the changes have stuck!

Jul 19, 2021


I highly recommend Dr. RJ, the life changing skills that he teaches and the energy that he teaches with has not been replicated anywhere. Dr. RJ turns negative into positive, and changes the subconscious mindset of the teens. Teens respond well to coaches. I am a mother, and I have learned so much from Dr. RJ myself.

Jul 16, 2021


I had a good experience. My parents told me I had a life coach and I was not happy. Now I see they were only trying to help. I have a better plan for school and I like helping around the house and that makes my mom happy so thank you dr rj =]

Jul 16, 2021


What more can I say?!? Dr. RJ has completely changed my family’s life. Now, my husband and I truly enjoy spending time with our son. Adrian has been increasingly more confident over the last several months--from initiating his own chores and conversations with us, to trying a new sport (golf) which he’s always wanted to play but was nervous that he would not be good enough. Now my son and my husband golf at our local course 2-3 times a month! I cannot thank Dr. RJ enough for how he has transformed his life. On top of a better relationship with us, our son is now more social and able to put down his video game controller for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I would recommend Dr. RJ’s program to anyone who is looking to get their child motivated and confident. This was such a game changing experience for our son and we are thrilled for what the future holds!

Jul 09, 2021


The reason I like Dr. RJ is because he is a gifted teen life coach. He is able rapidly help teens overcome any obstacle. Keep up the good work Dr. RJ!

Jul 08, 2021


Dr. RJ is an amazing Teen Success Coach! I recommend him to all my family and friends!

Jul 08, 2021


Dr. RJ is great at relating with teens and makes them feel heard and understood. He is an advocate for teens to help them reach their immediate goals and lifelong goals.

Jul 08, 2021


Dr. RJ is great at relating with teen and makes them feel heard and understood. He is an advocate for teens to help them reach their immediate goals and lifelong goals.