Apr 08, 2021


Professional environment, friendly staff and great customer service.

Apr 02, 2021


Dr. Farley and his staff are professional and very friendly.

Apr 01, 2021


Dr. Farley and his staff are professional, fun, and they answer all my questions. I'm sure I laugh more than any other patient. Love them all.

Mar 26, 2021


I’ve had my braces on since March of 2018. I love the staff at Farley orthodontics! They are always so helpful and answer any questions that I have. They even don’t complain when I come in a day after my tightening to get a wire clipped, even though I was just in there the day before lol. I’ve never regretted going there for my braces.

Mar 26, 2021


We love Dr. Farley!!! He is truly a master of his trade. My son has Had great results. He has helped our son in his younger years and now as a teen. Soon to be my turn since my teeth have shifted. I would never consider using anybody else. The staff is wonderful, always very friendly and competent. Thank you Dr. Farley and staff for all you do.

Mar 15, 2021


Dr. Farley was friendly and professional as well as the staff in his office. I look forward to working with them for my son's orthodontic treatment.

Mar 15, 2021


Dr. Farley was friendly and professional as well as the staff in his office.

Mar 10, 2021


Everyone is so professional and they all make each appointment fun!

Mar 02, 2021


The staff are incredible people!!
They’re really nice, great service, definitely recommending.

Feb 12, 2021


Dr. Farley comes highly recommended from numerous dentists in the area. His level is service all looking out for the best interest of the patient. Dr. Farley examined both of our boys and informed us that at the current time neither child needed braces yet they both would need braces in the future. He advised us that if we and/or either child chose to have braces put on, it would be for cosmetic or confidence of the child. 1 of our 2 boys chose to have braces for his own cosmetic reasons and the results were outstanding for appearance as well as his confidence. He now has a beautiful smile that he is no longer reluctant to show off.
Thank you Dr. Farley and your wonderful staff for your great service.

Feb 09, 2021


I like Farley Orthodontics because of Dr. Farley and his staff. The customer service is great. They are always willing to work with your schedule, especially when you make changes as much as I do.

Jan 21, 2021


Dr. Farley is always honest, fair and does impeccable work. We love our visits with Dr. Farley and staff!!

Dec 12, 2020


Always friendly and professional.
Great staff. Accommodating and flexible.
Very happy with Dr Farley and staff.

Dec 10, 2020


Dr. Farley is a dependable orthodontist who takes care of his patients by implementing the required safety procedures of the office during the pandemic time. Thank you, Dr. Farley!

Dec 09, 2020


Staff is always friendly and very efficient. It takes longer for me to get there than it does for them to do what they need to do. Will use them for the next son who needs braces. Thank you.

Dec 09, 2020


Dr. Farley has so much experience. He really explains things to you and why he does what he does. Very reasonably priced as well. He’s doing my sons braces, and now will do my daughters braces. He was so patient with my special needs daughter and did such a good job of explaining everything to her. Such a wonderful orthodontist.

Nov 21, 2020


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I also love the way you decorate for the holidays, especially the Christmas decor. It makes me feel happy coming to your office and we all need that in times like these. And I love the way you accommodate my work schedule. It has been a pain free and enjoyable experience. Though, I am not gonna lie, I am looking forward to getting my braces off next month! I highly recommend Dr Farley and his staff.

Nov 19, 2020


Friendly, professional, efficient, with individual attention.

Nov 18, 2020


Overall impression of the practice was suoerb

Nov 13, 2020


I am pleased with results from Dr. Farley. He did an awesome job fixing my teeth. He has a friendly staff and I really liked how I could schedule appointments to fit with my work schedule. I really appreciated being able to come in on short notice when I had to cut wires.