Jul 22, 2020


My daughter (Yoselinn) is in love With her amazing new smile!!!!! Her confidence is back and she can’t stop smiling and showing her teeth! It was fast (little less than a year) painless and The best of all service we got from start to finish was great! We highly recommend Dr. Jennings

Jun 04, 2020


Dr. Jennings is the coolest, most caring and competent orthodontist, and our family can’t recommend him & his staff enough. Both of my kids were his patients for a total of 8 years, and now have beautiful smiles. Bonus: his offices are super fun with rock and roll memorabilia, music, videos, games and coffee. He will definitely rock your smile ?

Mar 12, 2020


He’s got a unique office that’s pretty entertaining. Pragmatic guy that doesn’t waste time.

Mar 04, 2020


He was very patient with me and helped me get the smile I want

Mar 03, 2020


Good customer service and really nice dental office very friendly people.

Feb 18, 2020


Dr. Jennings is highly knowledgeable of his work. He is kind, compassionate, patient, and approachable. This is by far one of the best experience my kids have doctors.
The office is friendly, relaxed and every staff members are professional and cheerful.

Feb 13, 2020


My family has been going to Dr. Jennings for many years. Dr. Jennings is excellent and was able to put my son in Invisalign. Our dentist was impressed with how Dr. Jennings was able to make the Invisalign work for my son because there are not many orthodontists that could have done what Dr. Jennings was able to do. My other children will be getting braces soon and he also works with adults too. I went in for a mouth guard and I was impressed with the 3D imaging he used to make it in order to get a perfect fit. I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Jennings and his staff has always been kind and patient.

Feb 13, 2020


The staff is amazing!! Fun environment that removes some of the anxiety that any dental work can cause! I chose Invisalign & could not be happier! Highly recommend!

Feb 12, 2020


Dr Jennings gives you an honest medical evaluation. My son had horrible teeth so our dentist recommend to see an orthodontist. Dr Jennings evaluated that this was only an cosmetic problem my son had . And recommended to wait until he had all his permanent teeth. Any other doctor might just made an easy dollar out of it.
I can only highly recommend him and his team.

Feb 11, 2020


He’s a excellent orthodontist. Not mean like my previous orthodontist.

Jan 27, 2020


Dr. Jennings is the best!! Seriously, choose him and his practice if you need an orthodontist. He met me on a Saturday for an emergency and was incredibly kind. Plus his waiting room and practice had such a fun atmosphere. I would rate him 6 stars if I could!

Jan 23, 2020


Jennings Orthodontics provides fabulous service! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr.Jennings is awesome and just an all around cool guy! I would highly recommend Jennings Orthodontics!

Jan 09, 2020


Very kind and professional and I love how fun they make having braces .

Dec 20, 2019


A visit at this lovely facility is a very professional, efficient, and fun experience.

Dec 12, 2019


He and his staff are really good at being patient and understanding. He gave me a beautiful smile and I love his office (The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of Houston). Thank you Dr Jennings for being a great doctor!

Dec 11, 2019


Dr. Jennings has bent over backwards getting my teeth aligned just right through a combination of braces and then Invisalign. I had a crossbite that needed to get fixed due to clenching my jaw at night and waking up with headaches. Having braces as an adult was not ideal, but my smile has been completely transformed due to his diligence. His staff is the sweetest around and every time I come into his office he and the ladies have taken care of me. You will not find a better orthodontist!

Dec 06, 2019


Professional and friendly staffs

Nov 22, 2019


Dr. Jennings did a fantastic job giving my son a beautiful smile! He always treated my son with kindness during his appointments. His staff are all so sweet. I never had any issue getting in or scheduling. Rock on Dr. Jennings, you're the best!

Nov 12, 2019


Good result of treatment. Friendly and efficient staff.

Oct 24, 2019


He knows is job very well I am so pleased with my smile. I actually referred my daughter and she's currently in invisalign and her teeth are coming a long very nicely. So this was a family affair. :-) If you want it done right this is the place to be, highly recommended it. Also a plus is not only is Dr Jennings awesome his staff is awesome too!