Jan 20, 2021


Overall the friendliness of all the staff members.

Jan 14, 2021


Great, friendly staff and great environment. Dr. Jennings is very professional but cordial—great combination.

Jan 13, 2021


Fantastic care, expert knowledge, options for care, ease of appointment making, and very caring staff. Three years of braces with follow up appointments was easy and enjoyable with Dr. Jennings and his staff.

Jan 13, 2021


Fantastic care, ease of appointment making, and caring staff. I highly recommend Jennings Orthodontics for your family.

Jan 07, 2021


Visited a number of orthodontist before selecting Dr Jennings . Right from the outset the staff at reception through to meet Dr Jennings made it a super positive experience. I felt confident in the review of the work needed and the treatment plan was explained. Dr Jennings and his staff are all amazing, they lead with care and my daughter is very happy with the outcome. Thank you for everything you do.

Jan 06, 2021


I visited Dr. Jenning's office for an ortho consult after being recommended by my family who has had prior treatment with him. Upon entering the office, I was immediately drawn to the pieces of rock history laid throughout the rooms. It's unlike any other dental/ortho office i've ever been to! After initial x-rays and photos, I was greeted by him to discuss an ortho plan. I was fully appreciative of Dr. Jennings and his treatment coordinator Nicole who were honest in their recommendations. Instead of recommending an initial ortho treatment, Dr. Jennings suggested other alternative options for me to seek first, which I feel in of itself deserves me writing a review on. His integrity and willingness to help is why I am writing this review today :)

Dec 10, 2020


Dr. Jennings has a fun office, lots of music memorabilia, highly competent staff, they do a great job all around! And it's fast! Hands down, one of the top orthodontists in Houston!

Dec 03, 2020


Thorough and whitening kit!

Dec 01, 2020


Great service and care

Nov 17, 2020


He is amazing and my teeth are looking great

Nov 11, 2020


Doctor Jennings is an amazing doctor. He strives for perfection, and will definitely make your smile one to remember! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Nov 10, 2020


Great atmosphere and decor. Hoping the end product is as good!

Nov 05, 2020


Friendly staff and the coolest ortho in Houston.

Jul 22, 2020


My daughter (Yoselinn) is in love With her amazing new smile!!!!! Her confidence is back and she can’t stop smiling and showing her teeth! It was fast (little less than a year) painless and The best of all service we got from start to finish was great! We highly recommend Dr. Jennings

Jun 04, 2020


Dr. Jennings is the coolest, most caring and competent orthodontist, and our family can’t recommend him & his staff enough. Both of my kids were his patients for a total of 8 years, and now have beautiful smiles. Bonus: his offices are super fun with rock and roll memorabilia, music, videos, games and coffee. He will definitely rock your smile ?

Mar 12, 2020


He’s got a unique office that’s pretty entertaining. Pragmatic guy that doesn’t waste time.

Mar 04, 2020


He was very patient with me and helped me get the smile I want

Mar 03, 2020


Good customer service and really nice dental office very friendly people.

Feb 18, 2020


Dr. Jennings is highly knowledgeable of his work. He is kind, compassionate, patient, and approachable. This is by far one of the best experience my kids have doctors.
The office is friendly, relaxed and every staff members are professional and cheerful.

Feb 13, 2020


My family has been going to Dr. Jennings for many years. Dr. Jennings is excellent and was able to put my son in Invisalign. Our dentist was impressed with how Dr. Jennings was able to make the Invisalign work for my son because there are not many orthodontists that could have done what Dr. Jennings was able to do. My other children will be getting braces soon and he also works with adults too. I went in for a mouth guard and I was impressed with the 3D imaging he used to make it in order to get a perfect fit. I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Jennings and his staff has always been kind and patient.