Dec 07, 2022


If you want your tattoo removed by someone who actually knows what they're doing then you've come to the right place! I had previously been going somewhere else and I now know what a money scheme it was, not to mention the people performing the laser tattoo removal probably shouldn't have been doing it anyway. So naturally when I came here I was a little nervous to continue the process, but Dr. Hudes set my mind at ease. I've already seen better results in just two sessions vs. 5+ sessions at the place I had been to prior. Dr. Hudes is very knowledgeable about the lasers he's using and explains everything to you throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend this place if you're looking to get your tattoo removed!

Oct 19, 2022


I have been going to Hudes Laser for laser hair removal for my underarms. LOVE the office, very easy to book an appointment and everyone is very friendly. Janice always answers all my questions and talks me through what she is doing. Highly recommend for any laser hair removal.

Oct 11, 2022


This is a special place! The staff is super nice. The atmosphere is great, fun and relaxing all in one. The services that are offered are personable and this is a good place for these.

Aug 02, 2022


I am blown away at how well the Laser hair removal works. I just got done with my second treatment and I would say that the hair is down by half or more. It’s so exciting!! I’m not going to lie it is a little painful on the more sensitive parts;) but so completely worth it, because it is so fast, like only a few Minutes and your done. And Jancie she is amazing and knows her stuff well, she helps so you never feel uncomfortable. And for a person that this is the first laser treatment, that’s was a pretty big deal.

Jun 21, 2022


I have gotten laser hair removal and 2 microneedling sessions done here and both of my treatments have been amazing! Kimberly is very knowledgeable in skin and has given me great advise on my skin. She is very personable and had made my skin glow. I really do recommend this place!

Dec 01, 2023


My girlfriend Yaris and I love the services from Jauncy would give 10 stars if it was possible. Highly recommend

Nov 27, 2023


i have been coming here since 2019, always loved coming here for laser hair removal! great price, great service, and great results

Nov 16, 2023


The best staff and amazing results with my laser hair removal! Highly recommend checking them out, plus they offer many other services as well!

Sep 20, 2023


Great doctor, great staff!

Feb 06, 2023


Great experience with Jancie as a provider (timely, friendly, knowledgable) and super happy with laser hair removal results thus far with the latest in laser tech that they have.

Mar 02, 2022


As an African American, I was hesitant to try Hudes. But I needed somewhere close to my home. I have been a laser hair removal client since June 2021. I absolutely love ❤️ Hudes. Excellent customer service. Jancie is extremely knowledgeable and walks you through the entire process. Dr. Hudes is very warm and personable. I highly recommend you try Hudes. You will not be disappointed.

Feb 23, 2022


Kimberly Mack is by far the most knowledgeable Esthetician I have ever known. She is well versed on the latest technology in skincare and she can appropriately determine who is a proper candidate for those services. She has always given me honest advice because she genuinely cares about my skin. Thankfully when helping me choose at home skincare, she makes it easy to understand and how to use. Every time I've had a service by Kimberly my skin shows improvement and the at home care suggestions have made a positive difference in my skin's complexion, hydration and texture.

Dec 20, 2021


I’ve been going to Hude for a few months and I am so pleased with the results! I get laser hair removal and I see Yancy and my experience is always so wonderful and enjoyable. She makes sure that the patient is doing okay through the entire process, even though the treatment has been painless for me, and carry’s on conversation throughout the entire treatment. My mom goes also and we always enjoy seeing Yancy!

Dec 19, 2021


Kimberly(the Skin Care Specialist) is so knowledge and is always availableble with advice and recommendations! My microbladed brows have never looked better!

Dec 06, 2021


I Highly recommend Hudes for Laser hair removal. I shopped around and this was by far the best price and best product offering. I started with one area and have quickly added more because of the amazing results. Jancy makes you feel super comfortable and she is so knowledgeable about the machines, results and entire experience. A++++++ service and people!

Oct 30, 2021


Love the staff and the results from my tattoo removal are unbelievable!!

Feb 03, 2021


I was an unusual case for Dr. Hudes in that I went to him for treatment (removal) of an Angioma (Hemangioma). Dr. Hudes laid out the risks (it may take several laser treatments and the angioma could still come back in which case surgical removal would be necessary). I decided to go forward with the 1st treatment knowing the risks and it seemed to go well. However, after healing the angioma hadnt changed much at all. I went back to Dr. Hudes for a 2nd treatment at which time he took a look at it and decided that further treatments were not likely to be successful. Instead he referred me to a plastic surgeon (his friend and colleague) who was able to successfully surgically remove the angioma. I really appreciated Dr. Hudes being honest from the beginning, and especially after seeing the results of the first treatment. Others may have continued to try (and charge for) multiple treatments knowing that the outcome would likely not be as desired...not Dr. Hudes.
Dr Hudes is truly knowlegeable and HONEST!

Sep 27, 2020


Almost done my series of laser hair removal treatments with the newest Alma Diode laser and WOW, I am blown away with the effectiveness and truly pain-free experience! I’ve done laser hair removal in the past with older model lasers at a different location and this experience with Hudes has been significantly better! Older machines were very painful and irritated my sensitive skin. Both machines offered at Hudes are essentially pain free and very effective. Hudes Laser Aesthetica also has a phenomenal staff and very affordable prices! They are super military friendly, which I love and appreciate ❤️ They offer a variety of services and incredible discounts for military, police, fire fighters, EMTs, teachers, school administrators, Groupon, etc. I have never seen a laser hair removal place offer such great discounts! They truly do appreciate their customers. They are always very considerate, polite and flexible. Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going here. I drive two hours away every appointment just to work with this very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff and to receive the latest and greatest laser hair removal from the Diode machine. Jancie is amazing and makes me feel very comfortable during treatments. She is very generous in the area(s) she treats, making sure it’s as effective as possible and it helps that she is so easy to talk to! Love, LOVE going here and so happy I found it! I keep recommending laser hair removal to my friends because it’s more affordable now and the results are amazing especially with this new machine! I will keep coming back!

Aug 17, 2020


I am amazed. The moment I walked in the door, the receptionist was very kind and welcoming. Dr. Hudes is absolutely wonderful. He was very kind and reassuring with such a nervous undertaking as tattoo removal. I feel very honored to be treated and continuing treatment from such an amazing facility. I believe that if anyone needs a tattoo removal where to go should never be a question. Thank you and yours staff so much!

May 13, 2020


Hudes has the best customer service as well as the best results!