Jan 06, 2022


He's been in my family for many years, and he's a good Dr.

Dec 09, 2021


He fixed my problem

Dec 08, 2021


Dr. Kennedy has been my doctor for many of years, years. Good Doctor.

Dec 08, 2021


He has been my doctor for over 30 years.

Dec 07, 2021


friendly & knowledgeable with a great nurse

Dec 04, 2021


He just an old school kinda of doctor. He
Talk do you and he rush you when he’s in the exam room. And he listen

Dec 01, 2021


He is knowledgeable and patient to listen to issues of concern and then responds in a thoughtful helpful manner ordering the applicable tests where necessary.

Nov 20, 2021


Dr. Kennedy is a wonderful doctor because he listens and has great recommendations on how to help with any issues I have.

Nov 19, 2021


Straightforward and direct.

Nov 18, 2021


Dr.Kennedy has been my primary care physician for about (10) years. Although he is somewhat of a quiet person, he is very intuned & concerned about my health concerns.

Nov 13, 2021


Dr. Kennedy was very thorough in getting my yearly examine done.

Nov 06, 2021


He is very pragmatic and helpful.

Nov 03, 2021


he seems to care and listen to my concerns

Oct 27, 2021


I have been going to Dr. Kennedy for many years when I worked downtown and stayed with him after retirement. He is also my husbands doctor and he is pleased with Dr. Kennedy. He’s always listened to us when we need medical help and treated us with medical assistance that cures our issue.

Oct 22, 2021


He explained to me was wrong whit me he takes he is tlme and talk to me nothing like other doctors going in and out right away

Oct 20, 2021


We have a warm and open doctor/patient relationship. He is very thorough when communicating and makes it easy to ask questions.

Oct 09, 2021


I have been seeing Dr. Kennedy for approximately 35 years. I was working downtown when I first saw Dr. Kennedy. Since, I have worked in Sugar Land, Clear Lake and now the Galleria area. At the beginning when I left downtown, I started seeing a new doctor in the Sugar Land area (for convenience). I quickly realized my appreciation for Dr. Kennedy's bedside manner. Dr. Kennedy has always been very thorough, methodical and genuine. He asks questions and listens to your concerns/issues. If there is a potential medical issue, he will make the referral or order the test to ensure my health. Driving to the Downtown location, paying for parking and maneuvering through all the construction and changes over the years has not been easy, but always well worth it with the level of service and quality of care that I get from Dr. Kennedy. I truly appreciate Dr. Kennedy's constant care over the past 35 years.

Oct 05, 2021


I have been going to Dr. Kennedy for over 20 years!! I am totally pleased with his professional services as my primary care physician. He’s through, he listens to your concerns, and he activate your requests.. I love Dr. Kennedy so much and now my sister sees him as well!! I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy to all mankind. He’s the BEST!!!

Oct 02, 2021


Everything, cool and knowledgeable Doc!

Oct 01, 2021


Competent, explains the treatment options well, responsive and always follows through