Dec 22, 2021


We were looking for the Pediatrician for our daughter after having a bad experience prior. After days of looking, we found PurePediatrics and Dr. Alexander. First, we choose Dr. Alex because of his experience, but after the first visit it was also because of his personality. PurePediatrics and Dr. Alex provide the best care during the visit with full attention only to your child, he will answer all your questions and suggest the best practices. Also, if you have any other questions, you can always text him and you’ll get an answer immediately. Thank you Dr. Alex and PurePediatrics!

Dec 14, 2021


We love Dr. Alex. He is so kind, patient and thoughtful and takes such wonderful care of my kids. It’s been life-changing to have such direct and easy access to our pediatrician. I can’t recommend him and Pure Pediatrics enough.

Nov 22, 2021


We love Dr. Alex and would follow him anywhere. The office is calm and we get all the time we need. We also get help making appointments with specialists which is great. My 3 kids feel so comfortable with him, and I like his conservative approach to their health care.

Nov 19, 2021


Easy to access
All personnel pleasant and professional but not stuffy….a hard balance to achieve.
I’m hoping for a long association with Dr. Nasser

Nov 19, 2021


The response time is one of a kind and the care that is received is incredible. We don’t feel like just any patient and feel our kids are put first. Dr. Alex’s attention to detail does not go unnoticed. We are so happy that we chose pure pediatrics for our children!

Nov 19, 2021


Dr. Zuniga is so responsive and helpful! I have two children who have been sick multiple times recently and she is quick to respond and so easy to get into! I also needed paperwork filled out for a prescription that would have taken two weeks previously. It was done in two hours with Pure Pediatrics! They are great!

Nov 14, 2021


Ease of making appointments, relaxed environment when there, quick response time from the doctors for my questions. I love it. This is how getting medical should be.

Nov 13, 2021


Dr Zuniga is so amazing and thoughtful about my children’s health. Making an appointment is so easy and the office is lovely

Nov 13, 2021


Amazing access to our doctor who is always quick to help when needed

Nov 13, 2021


Personal attention. No waiting. Wonderful doctors!

Nov 13, 2021


My boys love Dr. Alex! He is always so helpful and answers all my questions

Nov 13, 2021


Dr. Alex and the entire team at PurePediatrics are always so helpful and sweet! I can tell he really cares about my child and is always quick to respond when we contact him!

Nov 13, 2021


Because you have the best doc on planet earth - Dr. Injac! He is truly the most compassionate, most knowledgeable doctor and most loving person. My son loves Dr. Injac!

Nov 13, 2021


I love personable experience. I feel like we are being listened to and not forced into anything that doesn’t feel comfortable. Dr. Injac is extremely patient and treats us like he truly cares and takes the time to talk with us. We never feel rushed. So happy we found Pure Pediatrics . Even the front desk/Staff is amazing!

Nov 13, 2021


Dr Zuniga is PHENOMENAL. I was leaving town and had sick kiddos. She came over to my house two days in a row and ran tests on my kiddos. She even showed our babysitter exactly how much antibiotic to give. Hands down, this practice is amazing!

Nov 07, 2021


Dr. Injac has been our children’s pediatrician since birth and has been a constant source of amazing medical care, patience, kindness, and incredible knowledge. It was such a sense of relief and peace making the move over to Pure Pediatrics to have our children in his care again. He is always is so thorough and loving with our children. We are so grateful for him. The office experience and access to him via texting has been an amazing change from seeking other medical care during these crazy times. We feel so fortunate to have our children under his care.

Nov 05, 2021


Professional, friendly and available staff that will spend the time necessary you to answer all your questions.

Oct 28, 2021


They are the BEST! I have so many wonderful things to say! They are extremely attentive and responsive. You get undivided attention and lots of time with the doctor. Also you never have to wait and rarely see other patients. I could go on!

Oct 22, 2021


We would follow Dr Charlotte Zuniga anywhere! She is straightforward and knowledgeable, but always professional and compassionate. We are excited for her move to PurePediatrics, and have been happy with the service and experience.

Oct 18, 2021


We love Dr. Alex. He’s so responsive and genuinely cares about my kids. So grateful to have found PurePediatrics.