Aug 28, 2021


Dr K and his team are THE BEST! They are very detailed and attentive to the patient’s needs. Gigi is always welcoming at reception and Dr. K is the most up -to-date and knowledgeable dentist in Texas!

Jul 14, 2021


Dr Kaviani and his staff are great at what they do. The office is in a great location and is always very clean. Definitely worth checking them out for your next dental work.

Jun 07, 2021


Dr. Kaviani and the whole team at Kaviani Modern Dentistry are like family to me. I have been a patient for over 15 years! They are really nice, very professional, uptodate on all dentistry things ;), and very caring throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Jun 07, 2021


Dr. Kaviani is the BEST OF THE BEST! The patient care is amazing, and the office is just beautiful and state of the art! Thank you for a great visit!

May 17, 2021


Absolutely amazing practice. They were totally detailed in everything they did and what they recommended. State of the art facility and great equipment. I will be going here for life

Jan 19, 2021


Such a nice facility, amazingly friendly staff, FANTASTIC hygienist that was so so careful and did a great job, and Dr. Kaviani is so knowledgeable and was patient going through my long list of questions. They covered exactly all the costs covered by insurance, various options of treatment, and exact charges to me - I call BS on anyone that says differently.

Dec 21, 2020


Kaviani Dental is a very professional and experienced facility with high technology. Dr. K has been our dentist over 16 years and I would recommend him to EVERYONE! He genuinely cares for your dental hygiene/care, he stays abreast of updated dental products and his office hands down has high-tech stuff (i.e. 3D imagery, etc..) Dr. K takes his time, very diligent and he effectively communicates with all his patients because he cares for your (and family's) well-being. The location is great and the staff are always kind and makes you feel comfortable at every appointment. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Nov 12, 2020


Awesome dentist who makes sure to take care of his patients and HIS team, which is so important these days. He is very patient with everyone and makes sure to do a thorough exam, leaving no stone uncovered. Not to mention this is a gorgeous dental office with a gorgeous view on Memorial Green! Safe location too. Thank you to everyone at Kaviani Modern Dentistry!

Oct 28, 2020


Excellent dental care with much attention to detail and great friendly staff.

Oct 15, 2020


Awesome team of professionals! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Office is clean, modern, and beautiful!

Oct 08, 2020


I had my first visit at Kaviani Dental. The hygienist was very thorough and took her time. I felt very comfortable at their office they screened me before my appointment and the office was very clean. They have air purifiers and everyone had on PPE I felt very safe at my visit. Dr Kaviani took his time with me and addressed all my concerns during the exam. I am very happy I found them!

Sep 30, 2020


Giti is such a gentle hygienist that I almost dozed off during my cleaning, the ultimate compliment coming from someone like me whose teeth are very sensitive. Our entire family goes to Dr Kaviani and he is always there for us!

Sep 21, 2020


Always receive extremely responsive, professional care, using the most innovative equipment & treatment protocols available!! Love all staff in this dental practice!!

Aug 31, 2020


Always great and excellent with doctors and staff! Thank you for all your service!

Aug 13, 2020


Great group of people to assist with your dental care and who also care about your general health, the quality of service which they provide, and you as a person. Their new office is at a great location and is beautiful too.

Jul 30, 2020


Very nice and new location, friendly and professional staff , Extremely clean facilities. Little pricey but is worth it . I know Dr Kaviani for the last 20 years and all I can said is : Great person, and excellent professional. Definitely I recommend it ?.

Jul 22, 2020


I know people hate going to the dentist but everyone a Kaviani Family Dental as so nice and professional it's a pleasure going there. I was a little concerned to go during the Pandamic but I shouldn't have been, the procedures they've put in place really are extensive and I felt 100% safe

Jun 09, 2020


I always look forward to my next cleaning so I can see all my buddies at Kaviani Family Dental! I know that what ever is going on in my mouth, the experts will fix it so I don't have to worry about the health of my teeth. Can't wait for my next visit!

Jun 05, 2020


Even though we are under a crisis with COVID-19 here at Kaviani dental you can still expect the most professional clean establishment. They take your temperature they make sure that you sanitize your hands before you even touch a pen. They make sure that you wash your hands before you are put in your room. They make sure that they keep you comfortable I am terrified of the dentist. But I can tell you that I’ve been going here for the past 12 years probably longer. And I can Actually fall asleep while my dentist is doing his thing. Which is funny to say because sometimes I am so scared but they keep me comfortable insecure and always checking on me. So will be a understatement if I was to say that I do recommend them because they are so amazing if you are looking for a family dentist this is the place

May 22, 2020


I have been a patient of the Kaviani Dental Practice and have always enjoyed my experience at each visit. The office is wonderful and the hygenists are very skilled and friendly. I see Dr. Kaviani every 3 months. He and his staff are very aware of Covid-19 concerns that his patients have and has gone the extra mile to make sure that they are comfortable coming to his ultra clean office.