Jan 06, 2022


he is very knowledgeable and kind to his senior patients

Jan 04, 2022


Dr Wu is very efficient and he explains all our discussions in a way that is understandable.

Dec 24, 2021


He is patient caring knowledgeable of current research and is very funny and engaging ….I am switching my 79 year old mom to him

Dec 23, 2021


Dr Oliver Wu is so very personable and approachable. He thoroughly talks over all your concerns and provides a thorough exam and provides excellent explanations to what he sees, and to your questions.

Thanks DOW

Dec 17, 2021


Very caring Dr.

Dec 10, 2021


Dr. Wu is both brilliant and personal.

Dec 08, 2021


Very professional and a excellent communicator: gave me reasons for his recommendations/advise: excellent first time appointment

Dec 07, 2021


He was straight forward and let me know what was going on. He didn't really sugar-coat anything.

Dec 07, 2021


He seems very knowledgeable and energetic, and to genuinely care for his patients and their concerns. He had taken the time to know my previous health history, he listened and addressed all my issues and questions, and made me feel at ease. I am glad to have chosen him as my primary care physician.

Dec 04, 2021


He gives you the time you need and he cares.

Dec 02, 2021


Very professional and caring. Allows patient input into care. Good team at his office.

Dec 01, 2021


Very thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Wu is patient friendly and just a pleasure to talk with. He is a great asset to KS.

Nov 29, 2021


He is very through in his patients visits and takes time to listen to the patient and gives his assessment in a way that is easily understood.

Nov 27, 2021


Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He takes his time and explains what’s going on.

Nov 24, 2021


Nice smart caring

Nov 21, 2021


He's interested, he's informative, he listens, what else can I say!! Very happy with Dr. Wu!!!

Nov 18, 2021


Dr. Wu is personable, kind, caring, and has always been helpful to me.

Nov 17, 2021


Very through, doctor. He is also very comfortable to talk to.

Highly Recommend!!!

Nov 11, 2021


I had a pleasant and informative interaction with a knowledgeable physician.

Nov 07, 2021


Dr. Wu takes the time to listen. He is knowledgeable and I feel like he cares about his patients. I am thankful to have him as my doctor.