Sep 24, 2021


Good listener

Sep 18, 2021


Dr. Choski exhibits concern for the patient's well being. He listens to the patient and gives an appropriate response.

Sep 16, 2021


Very friendly and knowledgeable

Sep 04, 2021


He told me everything I needed to know. He knows what he is taking about. He told me about the procedure I have to take.

Sep 02, 2021


He was very informative and patient in answering all my questions! He did not rush to get in and out which I appreciate!

Sep 01, 2021


Very easy to talk to. I did not feel rushed.

Aug 20, 2021


Very attentive and caring to your feelings. Listens before he gives his opinion.

Aug 17, 2021


I appreciate his thorough, professional exams and his sincere concern for any questions.

Aug 10, 2021


fantastic physician

Jul 25, 2021


Dr Choksi was very attentive and listened to my questions and responded with logical and authoritative answers. He seemed experienced and well versed in procedures like mine. Dr Choksi and his staff were all very empathetic and calming.

Jul 24, 2021


Very friendly and patient. Have been his patient in the past and I trust him.

Jul 13, 2021


Thorough, friendly. Answered my questions

Jul 08, 2021


He explained in great detail the procedure that I will be having as well as the risks.

Jun 29, 2021


To the point
Very informative
Great personality

Jun 26, 2021


Knowledgeable, sincere also concerned about your health.

Jun 23, 2021


Dr. Choksi is the best!!! I hate the new commute to see him, but he is worth it.

Jun 22, 2021


I'd never encountered Dr. Choksi until yesterday. My regular G/I doc is Dr. Sidiq, who was not available for a phone visit. Dr. Choksi was delightful, professional and thorough. His manner was gentle and comforting. Truly wonderful. I'll definitely follow-up with him...and am pleased he's the newest member of my team!

Jun 21, 2021


I was very impressed by him.
He said everything I needed to know.
Very kind.
Very attentive.
Made time for me.

Jun 19, 2021


Very patient awesome doctor

Jun 17, 2021


Dr Choksi was very prompt, nice, knowledgeable and personable. He and his whole staff were great!