Dec 05, 2021


She is kind, gentle and thorough.

Dec 03, 2021


Dr. Poulose is always very thorough, friendly, focused, courteous, caring, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. She is a real asset to the KS team. Have a Happy Christmas!

Dec 02, 2021


Dr. Poulose was very attentive and listened to all my concerns.

Dec 01, 2021


She's a great doctor. She is very thorough and takes her time to explain everything.

Nov 30, 2021


Dr. Poulos was thorough and respectful, courteous and informative and I believe I made a good selection when choosing her as my new provider.

Nov 27, 2021


Dedicated, thoughtful and compassionate. I feel so blessed to have you as my Dr.

Nov 26, 2021


Dr Poulose has a warm bedside manner and gives advice that is easily understood.

Nov 23, 2021


Dr Sheba Poulsen is incredibly amazing. She is extremely patient and explicit in communicating her findings and the next step to your plan of care. I would definitely encourage anyone to see her.

Nov 22, 2021


Dr. Poulose has provided excellent care over the years, and I look forward to working with her as my PCP.

Nov 20, 2021


Dr. Poulose is great, she keeps it simple and explains what I don’t understand. I’m very comfortable with her and feel that she really does have my best interest in mind. Even when I don’t want to do my part, she encourages me to keep with the plan. I’ve really come to trust her in knowing that I can talk about anything and not feel judged.

Nov 20, 2021


She is good and gentle

Nov 17, 2021


She is super. She cares. Checked every every organs thoroly. Takes time. I am so fortunate to have her as my dr.

Nov 17, 2021


Very personable and thorough.

Nov 16, 2021


Very thorough. Covered all my questions.

Nov 15, 2021


She is good and gentle

Nov 12, 2021


Dr poulose is an extremely intelligent and compassionate doctor who is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.

Nov 12, 2021


She is very professional, caring, empathetic, friendly. She takes time to listen to my concerns and shows she does care for me. Her MA, Mr. Venegas, is also extremely professional and friendly. Kelsey Seybold is lucky to have these 2 medical staff in its practice.

Nov 11, 2021


This was my first visit with Dr Poulose and I found her to be extremely thorough with addressing any concerns I may have had. I highly recommend her.

Nov 10, 2021


Dr. Poulose is an amazing doctor and person. She listens attentively and then proceeds with plans to make us feel better. She is always encouraging and hopeful.

Nov 10, 2021


She appeared to be caring, willing to listen to the patient, and provide considered advice.