Jan 12, 2022


She’s very sweet and informative, I love that she gives me some of her time to ask any question. She’s very attentive and just the best doctor I’ve have experienced. Very grateful for her.

Jan 07, 2022


Dr. Marcus is willing to listen and answer our questions. She is thorough and kind to my boys.

Jan 04, 2022


Always kind and courteous to my children.

Dec 21, 2021


She is really nice and she always answers all medical questions concerning my kids.

Dec 15, 2021


Simple, she is an excellent doctors who cares about her patients.

Nov 25, 2021


Dr. Marcus was very informative and really listened to our concerns.

Nov 25, 2021


Dr. Marcus always takes the time to address any concerns. She’s thorough and easy to speak with. Her calm, sweet nature makes you feel comfortable.

Nov 09, 2021


Appointments are prompt and quick. Dr. Marcus answers all questions, and never makes you feel rushed or as though you’re asking stupid questions. I feel confident in her caring for my daughter.

Sep 23, 2021


Dr. Marcus has been great with helping make sure my daughter is getting the right treatment for her ADHD to be successful! Starting medications on your kids can be stressful. Although, I am a provider myself, when it comes to my own child all my training goes out the door. So, I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Marcus takes the time to really listen, explain treatment options and what to expect. She's made this entire process less stressful! Thanks for all you do!

Sep 23, 2021


Very attentive and informative. I felt at ease asking question after questions she wasn't rushed or in a hurry. She also was great with my hyper child.

Sep 21, 2021


Dr. Marcus is knowledgeable and attentive! Her bedside manner is perfect. She is down to earth and makes sure that any concerns that we may have are always promptly addressed.

Sep 12, 2021


She was very thorough and she seemed to care very much, I would definitely recommend people to take their children to See doctor Marcus. I am also a person that works with kids, and I I'm very protective about the people I put my kids care in.

Thank you

Marcus Stevens

Aug 22, 2021


She handled my son situation with agood way

Aug 11, 2021


I love having Dr. Marcus as our children’s PCP because she is so thorough. She knows you and your case before your visit which helps the appointment be about the parent’s concerns and not just asking questions to get to know the situation. Her bedside manner is fabulous and I could not choose a better physician for my children. She has been consistently wonderful for over 6 years.

Aug 03, 2021


Dr. Marcus is calming, listens and is a great doctor. She creates a welcoming and comfortable environment in the exam room. She has a nice haircut.

Jul 29, 2021


Great doctor and comfortable to talk with.

Jul 08, 2021


She is nice, sweet and interested in my baby’s health and well being. She is very informative and caring.

Jul 01, 2021


It was our first visit with Dr. Marcus and she was very patient and asked a bunch of questions, which made it seem like she cared a lot about our son. It’s a complete 180 experience from our previous pediatrician, so you can bet that we’ll be coming to see her from now on!

May 16, 2021


She was informative about my concerns and she was very welcoming as a first time patient. I felt like she listened and heard all my concerns. When we were talking she explained everything and I at no point felt rushed or like my questions were not important.

May 16, 2021


She’s sweet and is always very thorough