May 10, 2021


Pretty good food

May 05, 2021


Great community where you live in not just a residence, but a home. The ultimate definition of the sharing economy, Pearl Street provides you everything you might want out of a student resident, without the annoying and expensive landlords and VC firms (which litter the rest of West Campus).

You get the opportunity and benefit of meeting people from all over the world and of various backgrounds.

Included in the rent is all utility bills, internet, pool access, home gym, computer lab and printing, maintenance, tool shed, bike parking, cheap parking upon request, video games and consoles, movie room, study rooms, social events, ALL OF YOUR FOOD (2 hot meals each weekday, 3 hot meals weekends, breakfast options, coffee, snacks, and whatever else you could want). Rooms are very large, furniture included (if you want), bathrooms are shared with only 1 or 2 other people. Good luck finding a better deal anywhere near UT.

May 05, 2021


Pretty good food, nice pool, great parties, even better family.

Best place to live in West Campus.

Apr 25, 2021


Pearl Street

Living here was the most rewarding experience that I have ever had. This place is so much more that a home, it's a cooperative society, packed with friends and fun. If you desire more than a formal education from the university/college systems and are also looking for lessons in real life, you should apply to live here.

Apr 19, 2021


Pearl street is a magical establishment. It’s a very safe space for students to experience communal living and what it means to have a truly Democratic society. There can be wild parties, and things can get dirty, but one of the core values is respect. So everything gets cleaned and people are afforded a safe space to party. It’s old, but there’s dedicated maintenance people to fix what needs fixin.

If you’re looking for a quiet house, it’s probably safer to choose another college houses or if coop, but pearl isn’t super loud every day or anything.

The pool is easily the best part. All your lunches and dinners are cooked for you by your housemates. You can make rules and host your own events. And the friends that you make are for life!!!

Highly recommend living here.

Dec 29, 2020


I've lived here in Laurel for four years. Great place to practice democracy and meet new people! Within walking/biking/skating distance of classes at UT

Nov 03, 2020


Best people stay here

Oct 09, 2020


great place to live, had a family, a community there! many wonderful memories were made there

Oct 09, 2020


I absolutely love Taos- colorful, lively, completely homemade, and rich with history. Great place to live if you're willing to work, and be a part of a respectful and loving community! (Not chandler, obv).

Sep 28, 2020


Halstead is the best btw

Jun 21, 2020


Great place to live at during the summer if you are in Austin for a summer internship

Jun 02, 2020


Always interesting to go back to visit one of the few places that does not change a lot in West Campus

Mar 31, 2020


Do do.

Mar 11, 2020


I miss living here in the early 2000s. I got to be Trustee for a semester as well as various other officerships throughout my time that taught me alot. There were so many other important life and work skills gained within this house too!

This place is what you make it. It can either be a magical place, or expose weaknesses. For me it was a fair share of both, much like life itself!

Asking current members a favor: From the GOOGLE photos I see here today (March 2020) the house looks rough on 21st St side, so please clean up that graffiti and give the house more gardens and love for me my sweet little MF's.
-💗- Trustee (Princess) Jody

Jan 24, 2020


I was visiting a friend here once and as I was leaving one of the residents went on the Taos Facebook page and described me as a "suspicious character"

Jan 24, 2020


A beautiful, welcoming home full of Coopertive people that has changed my life for the better.

Jan 24, 2020


A great place to live, deep culture and always interesting.

There's never a moment I didn't feel like I had a place to belong here.

Aug 19, 2019


The successor to the 20th Co-Op

Jul 19, 2019


Go coop!

Jul 19, 2019


Go coop!