Apr 18, 2020


Dr Byrd is a fabulous doctor. He takes his time to make sure all our questions are answered.

Mar 14, 2020


He is very professional. And understanding, spends time with my son. Addresses my concerns about my son's health.

Mar 10, 2020


He is so kind and great with my son. He takes his time and seems to really care about us. I believe we are in good hands.

Mar 08, 2020


Very friendly, knowledgeable and overall just a great doctor who cares for his patients

Feb 08, 2020


He is great with children! I have never met a doctor that is so personable. He is genuine and you can tell he really does care about his patients.

Feb 05, 2020


This was the first time my 11 year old daughter see's this doctor. He was funny and spoke to her at her level. All his questions and answers were directed to her and he took time to explained the diagnosis. This was important to me because she is the type of kid that wants to know everything. As soon as we walked out of the office she said she really liked him and wanted to change doctors to see him.

Dec 27, 2019


He is amiable and listens.

Dec 07, 2019


He is knowledgeable and caring. He makes sure my son feels comfortable.

Dec 07, 2019


Dr. Byrd is approachable and easy to talk to. My kids love ands trust him.

Nov 26, 2019


Dr. Richard Byrd is an excellent pediatrician! My son has been under his care since birth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oct 15, 2019


Dr. Byrd is one of the sweetest doctors I've ever met, he makes my children feel very comfortable. Explains the plan of treatment and even brightens their day by telling them a little joke. They love to see him.

Oct 08, 2019


He is thorough and took his time explaining everything. My daughter is already feeling better with the antibiotics he prescribed.

Oct 05, 2019


Dr. Byrd is very attentive and thorough. Despite being the only doctor in clinic he was able to make time to see my son and the visit did not seem rushed!

Oct 05, 2019


Very thorough and knowledgeable. He always takes his time during visits and has such a great temperment with children

Sep 24, 2019


Both of my children had appointment with Dr. Byrd back to back late yesterday. He was very thorough and professional with me and to my boys. He asked them questions and treated all of us with respect. Excellent bedside manner and great patient care. Having the late appointment with Dr. Byrd was convenient for working parents and also for my kids. Love Dr. Byrd and his team. Thank you!

Sep 10, 2019


Dr. Byrd has excellent patient care. He answers questions and concerns, as well as make my child feel comfortable.

Aug 11, 2019


Excellent doctor!!!

Aug 06, 2019


He was very personable and thorough.

Aug 06, 2019


Dr Byrd is not only very thorough, he’s also got great bedside manner. My son always feels like he’s had a great quality check up when we finish. You can clearly see he cares about his kids!

Aug 03, 2019


My son had an appointment. Needed medication filled

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