Nov 07, 2019

We love Dr. Johnson! She’s our favorite doctor ever!

Oct 23, 2019

She has a positive personality. Great bed side manner. Very good with my 3 year old son

Oct 23, 2019

She is very down to Earth and nice. She is great with kids. Any question or concern that you have she answers quickly and fully.

Oct 10, 2019

Wonderful!!! Dr. Johnson was a breathe of fresh air for new parents who have absolutely no idea what took look for in a new pediatrician. She throughly talk to us and explained the whole appointment to us.

Oct 01, 2019

Very thorough in explaining what might be going on and her plan for treatment. Also, her personality is one to easily get along with regardless of reason for the visit.

Sep 05, 2019

She's simply the best! We've been going to her since my first child was a baby! She's well educated, makes me feel comfortable, takes the time to listen, she's patient, compassionate, understanding, and the kids love her! There's nothing but positive things to say about her! We just love and appreciate her service! Most of all we trust her advice! Thank you for being amazing, time and time again! You are very professional, and a great example of what any health professional should strive to emulate! 💝

Aug 22, 2019

We absolutely love Dr. Johnson. Her bedside manner and compassion are unbeatable. I also appreciate that I never feel rushed in an appointment. She takes the time to really listen to my concerns and talk things through with me. I also love that she looks at options based on the family and the needs and doesn’t immediately go to prescribing a pill. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor for my children.

Jul 30, 2019

Friendly and very easy to talk with.

Jul 16, 2019

Dr. Jakeen W Johnson is the best pediatrician for us.. She always polite , smiling and take care of our daughter!!!

Jul 09, 2019

Personable, knowledgeable, respectful, relatable

Pleasant experience

Jun 18, 2019

She is thorough, personable, and caring. I never feel rushed and my concerns are always treated with respect and answered in detail.

May 23, 2019

She is kind and truly care about her patients. She has cared for my kids since they were little.

May 22, 2019

She's very approachable while still being knowledgeable. She's known both of my kids since they were born and knows all about them. When one comes in, she asks about the other one by name. She's great!

Apr 30, 2019

Because she’s consistently amazing!

Mar 26, 2019

She was very direct, friendly and informative. She was a wonderful personality and amazing customer service with her patient.

Feb 21, 2019

She has an awesome attitude and is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and attentive to our concerns and needs.

Jan 24, 2019

Dr. Johnson is very personable, professional and thorough. Her bedside manner is wonderful, as first time parents she has made us feel at ease while letting us know that she is there if we need her.

Jan 10, 2019

What an amazing doctor! She addressed every single issue we had with the utmost respect, professionalism and concern possible. She was 100% engaged which is something patients need from their healthcare professionals. I can’t thank her enough for the way she treated my son and myself during this appointment.

Nov 27, 2018

Why do I like her? Well, let’s see, I like her because she’s super nice and patient with my child. She’s very professional and very friendly at the same time.
And I gotta say I love the way she’s always smiling at people. And as a mother herself she can understand
where we’re coming from.
Keep up the good work Dr. ❤️

Oct 18, 2018

She is a good pediatrician.

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