May 20, 2020


Great communicator, Genuine, Professional, Informed.

Mar 16, 2020


He was a very thorough and professional doctor. Who distinguishes so much medical knowledge. I will ask to be assigned to him permanently, I hope to keep him as my OBGYN Dr.

Mar 12, 2020


Dr. Leung is amazingly knowledgeable, kind, patient, and makes you feel valued as a patient. He answered all of our questions, no matter how trivial, and really made us feel reassured during this unsure time. We are glad we made the decision to choose him as our OB and look forward to our interaction with him.

Mar 11, 2020


Dr. Leung was very friendly and very polite. He made me feel very comfortable.

Mar 10, 2020


He is super kind. He is the best obgyn in the world!

Mar 10, 2020


He was very thorough and listened to all my concerns and provided good recommendations to help. The staff was also wonderful and seemed like everyone there worked together really well to make everything go smoothly. First time going to Kelsey Seybold because I couldn’t get an appt with my regular OBGYN and I think I after this I will switch to Kelsey Seybold for my primary family care as well.

Mar 05, 2020


Yes,I love him and I thank him so much for taking care of me from the beginning of my first visit and the surgery he done on me. He is a truly blessing and I really do thank him.

Feb 29, 2020


He’s been my Ob/Gyn for a number of years and have seen him to be a caring doctor and wise beyond his years. He is very like able and knowledgeable about my needs.

Feb 29, 2020


Dr. Michael Leung is personable, easy to have a conversation with and he offers multiple options as a course for correction. Though I live on Lake Livingston, I still choose to drive to Pearland to see Dr. Leung because I have that much faith in his practice, talent and skill.

Feb 29, 2020


Makes you feel comfortable, very informative

Feb 05, 2020


I like him because he is efficient and professional. He.seems to care. He is one of the only doctors that I trust.

Feb 03, 2020


Dr Leung has build a trustworthy relationship with me and is always honest with me. I love that he knows what he is doing and doesn't try to shove medications on me, he actually listens to me.

Jan 28, 2020


His staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr Leung listens very well. I am comfortable with him and his staff. They use the system consistently, this helps me stay up on my health, check-ups and see my results. I don’t have to worry about sitting on a phone or feeling like I’m bothering someone to find results.

Jan 24, 2020


Doctor Leung is awesome. He was there from beginning to end and he make my pregnancy experience with this child great. He is well known and show a lot of care and concern for his patient and their child. He seems to really love his job, and it shows from every deed, action and his concern and care. Thank you Mr. Leung. I have told so many people about how well you took care of me and my unborn child. Very nice doctor. The staff is also awesome.

Jan 12, 2020


I met Dr Leung for the first time the other day. My husband came with me because there was a question of possible malignancy in a mass on my ovary. Dr Leung was wonderful. He answered our many questions, reviewed the lab work and imaging studies, formulated a plan of action, explained his rationale, and was very kind to us both. Now I'm facing surgery, but I feel confident and optimistic rather than frightened and alone. I am so grateful to have him as my doctor at this worrisome time.

Dec 27, 2019


Because he is such a great provider. He is very kind and very involved in pt case.

Dec 24, 2019


He’s a younger doctor and a lot more welcoming considering that he is an OBGYN. I appreciate how understanding he is as well. Definitely makes a patient feel prioritized.

Dec 20, 2019


He was very thorough, spent his time, reviewed and updated information as he went.

Dec 12, 2019


Dr. Michael has a great bed side manner, he listens to your concerns and gives great feed back, my first experience with him was awesome....

Dec 11, 2019


He is a professional doctor and he answered all my questions

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