Sep 21, 2021


She is Always patient and listens to all my concerns. She allows me time to ask questions and voice my concerns. Very pleasant and reassuring about my diagnosis. I feel I can trust her to give me the best treatments and options for my condition/situation.

Sep 03, 2021


She is overall a very good listener, a wonderful person, very informational, very caring and trustworthy. My family loves Dr. Molly

Aug 30, 2021


Friendly and actually seems interested in your health care. I like her ability to explain things to me, that make sense.

Aug 27, 2021


Since dr yee retired, I was nervous to get a new dr considering dr yee was great!! The new dr would have big shoes to fill…. Since I have been with dr molly, I couldn’t be happier. She’s been just as great as dr yee. Very helpful and explains things. I will continue coming to her until she retires which I hope is not soon!!! Love Kelsey Seybold & happy to be apart of the clinic.

Aug 26, 2021


Dr. Nakyonyi-Ntwatwa has been my dr. at Kelsey-Seybold for about 10 years now. She always takes the time to hear my concerns and address them. I completely trust her opinion value her judgment. She is the most caring and thoughtful dr. I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I will continue to see Dr. Nakyony-Ntwatwa as long as I can!

Aug 23, 2021


She seemed genuinely concerned about my health

Aug 15, 2021


She listen to my concern and ask me some question with regards to issue that i was not even aware of that it is relevant to my concern.

Aug 14, 2021


She took time out to understand me first before adjusting to any testing. That’s all I want was someone to understand what I was going through

Aug 12, 2021


Dr. Molly is very thorough when taking care of me. She is interested in me as patient and a person. She listens to all my concerns and takes time to answer all my questions. I do not feel like she is rushing my appointment to move on to the next patient. I truly feel like she is genuinely concerned about my health and keeping me healthy.

Aug 12, 2021


I like her because she's caring and have excellent bedside manner. she shows empathy when needed. She's AWESOME!!

Aug 05, 2021


Professional and caring!b

Aug 03, 2021


Professional and caring!b

Jul 29, 2021


Dr. Molly is friendly & very personable. She also listens well & genuinely cares about her patients. In addition she is thorough.

Jul 24, 2021


She was on time and she demostrated that she cared about my symptoms.

Jul 15, 2021


Listens to what i have to say, great communication and explains things in a manner that i can understand.

Jul 14, 2021


My recent visit was fantastic! I had never seen this doctor, and my care was top notch. I am blessed to have such great care!

Jul 13, 2021


Because her professionalism with me as a patient, makes herself that care is first, plus her positive and friendly attitude. Today I feel a lot better thanks to doctor Molly M.

Jul 12, 2021


She was very personal and answered all my questions.

Jul 07, 2021


It is the 1st time I have had a doctor I can trust 100%

Jul 04, 2021


She was very kind and caring. She was able to get my test results from a CT scan I had had on Thursday, thus getting me the appropriate meds I needed. The biggest problem with Kelsey doctors is they are very slow in getting test results back.