Oct 14, 2021


You have to try it to understand it or believe it: You feel life is as sweet as when you were a child.

This scientific formula has captured youth.

Also: It feels like drinking a beer without the headache or impairment----and you can have as many as you want!

Get your true focus back as though everything in your life suddenly went right.
You have to try it to know what I'm talking about.

The part that's really great is the antioxidants in each can is the equivalent of 25 cups of green tea! IT FIGHTS CANCER BIGTIME. (Source: Amazon)

Oct 13, 2021


Such a calming drink (Source: Amazon)

Oct 06, 2021


Zenify zero sugar has helped me a lot with my anxiety!! it's delicious and mild on stomach!
Safe ingredients!
Thanks Zenify people team!
Hope you can offer it in Whole Foods! (Source: Amazon)

Sep 27, 2021


I wasn’t sure if I’d like the taste because I’m not a fan of some citrus flavors but this was actually good at least to me. Refreshing alternative to soda or water.
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Sep 14, 2021


If you ever drank Squirt or Fresca this is the drink for you. It's delicious and it does improve sleep and anxiety! I love it, subscribing!
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Sep 04, 2021


Good stuff. (Source: Amazon)

Aug 31, 2021


I like the soda...
It's very good for weaning someone off serious drugs and medications.
It contains monk fruit and causes a dopamine and serotonin rush: which is why you should not drive or operate heavy machinery while consuming. It's also EBT eligible, which is a good thing but it should be noted that the product might possibly be more of a drug than a food. (Source: Amazon)

Aug 12, 2021


this product is very good. Lifted my mood and help me reduce stress
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Aug 04, 2021


So this product at first I was like mehhh when I tasted it but then I drank another and got used to it quickly. It’s not that it tastes bad, it just lacks discernible flavor. I tried to look for any flavoring in the ingredients and it has none. In the way Red Bull isn’t “flavored,” neither is this. I kinda wish it had some natural strawberry flavoring or even vanilla. It didn’t make me fall asleep which was good. I can drink these and go to work. I’m not actually sure if these calm my stress at all or help me focus, but then again I’ve also taken anti anxiety meds and felt nothing so… (Source: Amazon)

Jul 12, 2021


I honestly love these. Idk if it's actually these or a placebo effect, but I do feel calmer when drinking one. They are also delicious. I just wish they weren't so pricy.
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Jul 08, 2021


It works too well I think it might have some special dust in it👀
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Jul 04, 2021


Will be buying these regularly. Very good and effective
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Jun 30, 2021


I will say exactly what my father told me as it was a gift for him. “I mean I could lie and say I definitely noticed a difference but I mean it’s like anything like this you have to be in the right mindset. The flavor is really great though”
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Jun 09, 2021


This really put me in a calm state of mind when I drank it. I felt relaxed and calm. I just didn't enjoy the taste. Blah the taste is just not for me! I rather go with the regular flavor. It's kinda pricey but worth it because it does exactly what it presents! I plan on buying more in the regular flavor. I wish they would give coupons!! Definitely a good buy. (Source: Amazon)

Apr 19, 2021


This is AWESOME! I take this in the morning sometimes, and whoa - I'm happy and ready to go! It calms me down but doesn't cause drowsiness or sleepiness.
This is definitely my go to if I don't have alcohol.
This definitely works for me, and I will continue to buy this product!
The taste is great for being sugar free! (Source: Amazon)

Mar 04, 2021


Great taste and really does help enhance a feeling of calm. Much needed during this time.
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Feb 26, 2021


Great replacement for an evening cocktail, but super expensive
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Feb 04, 2021


I ordered this product because I wanted to get away from drinking spiked seltzer when I had a stressful day. Instead of drinking 2 or 3 spiked seltzers with 100 calories each, I drink one of these with 10 calories and I am relaxed and bubbly just like I had a drink. It may not work for everyone that way but it has definitely helped me drink less when I am stressed. It tastes good and has the same fizz without the guilt! It's pricey, but so is alcohol and you don't have to drink as much.
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Jan 20, 2021


I can't believe how well this drink works to help me relax after a long day!
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Dec 30, 2020


So this drink for me is like the physical feeling of drinking a couple beers with out the actual alcohol content. You can relax more for work or exams while staying focused and alert. It doesn't make you drowsy, just calm. Between this and my zoloft, my anxiety stays under control at work when I am nervous or anxiety triggered.
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