May 06, 2020


Because I can always expect a complete and honest exam and any follow up instructions.

Mar 20, 2020


Flexible problem solver. Very professional.

Mar 05, 2020


Excellent physician, very personable and engaging.

Mar 04, 2020


She takes care of my skin problems and has for four years.

Mar 03, 2020


is very educated on all levels of skin care for both children and adults. i love how she takes her time and really looks to get to the bottom of the issues we have had. she does her research.

Feb 24, 2020


Very professional.

Feb 22, 2020


First time visit. My Daughter goes to her. Appointment on time and swift. Great job

Feb 20, 2020


She was very nice, very PROFESSIONAL

Feb 20, 2020


Very good doctor and does it work very well

Feb 06, 2020


Very caring and knowledgeable.

Feb 05, 2020


Compassionate. Friendly. Thorough. Helpful

Feb 04, 2020


She was going to remove a small mole from my face and she had already removed it before I was even aware of it. Impressive. Very likable and sure of herself.

Jan 31, 2020


convenience of location

Jan 30, 2020


She gives a full and complete exam and has a good bedside manner and what I believe to be, a good knowledge of her profession

Jan 29, 2020


She always takes care of any skin problems that occur and prescribes
proper treatment even though I sometimes don't like it. She and her staff are always friendly and very professional.

Jan 29, 2020


Dr. Hawayek has a very good chair-side manner, listens well & makes recommendations/suggestions to consider. She has a gentle touch & is professional & friendly.

Jan 25, 2020


Knowledge, empathy, solutions that work in short time frame, ability to communicate, convenience to where I live, part of Kelsey.

Jan 16, 2020


Thorough exam regarding skin issues.

Jan 16, 2020


She was very professional in our visit. She asked a lot of pertinent questions and was very clear on her explanation of what she was doing. Overall, a very good exam like I expected.

Jan 12, 2020


Excellent, professional, through, never appears rushed and friendly.

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