Sep 23, 2021


He’s a good listener and seems trustworthy

Sep 17, 2021


Dr. Fadula remembers information about your health, looks at you when you’re speaking to him, and listens to my health concerns. And Dr. Fadula makes very clear what symptoms I should look out for. He’s a teacher.He doesn’t prescribe meds unless it’s necessary. I appreciate that.

Sep 17, 2021


Dr.. Fadulu is very professional. He is also very informative. Dr. Fadulu is a very good listener. Dr. Fadulu is very aware of my conditions, and works with me to help me improve my health. I have fixed my blood pressure issue since being in his care.

Sep 09, 2021


He take the time to answer all my questions. Also give a complete and thorough exam.

Sep 07, 2021


He is very attentive and actually listens to your complaints and concerns. He does provide very appropriate and accurate care.

Sep 02, 2021


He is very accurate and treats patients with respect and on time.

Sep 02, 2021


Compassion and very through. Everything is done in a timely manner. Where you aren't in the office all day.

Aug 24, 2021


Easy and comfortable to talk too

Aug 24, 2021


Made me feel comfortable and helped me right away. Very punctual. Was very nice and polite. The majority of doctors nowadays only see you as a number.

Aug 21, 2021


Very nice and answered all my questions a

Aug 11, 2021


He is a very good doctor that has great manners, attentative and professional

Aug 11, 2021


Dr Fadulu is good about listening to me and explaining everything.

Aug 06, 2021


Needed a family doctor and Dr. Fadulu was recommended.

Aug 06, 2021


He’s very nice and understanding about my personal health.

Aug 04, 2021


Dr. Fadulu is a caring physician. He treats his patients as equal with empathy

Jul 24, 2021


Good, excellent doctor

Jul 20, 2021


He's very nice and thorough.

Jul 12, 2021


He is a good doctor

Jul 11, 2021


He cares about me Perry Cherry and my health. He followed up on my condition after a hospital stay. He requested blood work while I was at home. My hemoglobin level was seriously low due to some internal bleeding which was at a critical level. He told me to go to the emergency room right away. I received blood. I was admitted to the hospital to determine cause of bleeding. Thank you Dr. Sunday Fadula and Thank you St. Luke's Hospital for their fast response and care.

Jul 10, 2021


The doctor was very kind and knowledgeable. He gave me a full explanation of my condition, how it was caused and how the treatment would work. It really put my mind at ease. The staff was very friendly and I would definitely come again.