Oct 09, 2023


Dr Darido and his staff were very attentive understanding and helpful throughout the whole process of my sleeve surgery from the initial consultation through the short hospital stay. I could see dr Darido was very confident and happy with his work and proved it with my surgery. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process and his staff, as well as the hospital staff which were really friendly, down to earth, and attentive during my stay.


Oct 02, 2023


I had an acid reflux problem for years, previous doctor sent me medication and always came back. I’d visited Dr. Darido because of my obesity problem and after my Sleeve surgery I feel so good not only because I lost 68 pound but I don’t have acid reflux anymore.


Jul 15, 2022


Great place awesome staff Dr Darido is very caring and easy to work with at my 3 mouth check up down 100 pounds best desion I have ever made. Highly recommend


Jan 14, 2022


I recommend Dr. Darido for the weight loss surgery and if you need hernia repair surgery. I had both procedures and I was very comfortable going into surgery and I haven’t had one complication. 😊❤️👍🏾


Nov 30, 2021


I had the gastric sleeve with Dr. Darido and I definitely recommend him if you are thinking about getting VSG. Dr. Darido and his team have been really nice and helpful throughout the process! I had the surgery 2 weeks ago and am already down 22 pounds and I haven’t had any complications or heart burn, which was a major concern for me. The nutritionist has been amazing as well and even gave me recipes for post-op dishes that I can make/eat during the holiday season. I am happy I made the choice to go with Dr. Darido and his team.


Oct 25, 2021


Excelente atención, el Sr Darido es el mejor, mi operación fue todo un éxito. Muy agradecida.


Oct 18, 2021


Very good Dr. He really cares I was 278 and 3 months later I am 220.


Feb 01, 2020


Dr Darido performed gastric sleeve and hiatal hernia surgery for me. Can not say enough how impressed I was at how it all went. Guy is a true professional. I have experienced 0 heartburn, losing weight, and already coming off my blood pressure medicine since the procedure. From the first visit till the end, him and his entire staff have been super nice and easy to work with. 100% would recommend if you are considering any of these procedures.


Aug 10, 2019


I first went to see Dr Darido about chronic heartburn and acid reflux. After some consultation and an endoscopy, it was revealed I had a hiatal hernia and it was exaggerated by being over weight. Dr. Darido helped me get on to an affordable program to repair the hernia and a gastric sleeve. 4 months later, I am now down 40 pounds! I have always struggled with loosing weight and suffered through diets. Now I feel like I am just eating naturally and loosing weight. I have not experienced any post-op issues and I am feeling 10 years younger.


Feb 04, 2019


I recommend Dr. Darido for the VSG. He was very attentive in the hospital after my procedure making sure I had what I needed. He is highly skilled in his surgical procedure that he made the perfect VSG for me. I had no complications post op. I am one year post op and have not had any complications. I am grateful that I chose to get this procedure done it has changed my life completely.


Jan 13, 2018


I love Dr. Darido and his staff. I had my hiatal hernia repaired and had gastric sleeve on 12/26. Dr. Darido's staff made the whole process easy and they worked hard to squeeze me in before end of the year. Dr. Darido is personable and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable under his care. I highly recommend!


Sep 20, 2017


I have the greatest amount of respect for Dr. Darido and I am so grateful that he took me on as a patient.
I live approximately 540 miles away from his office and the drive is well worth every mile to me.
He has great bed-side manners, funny and very, very caring. All of my questions and concerns are important to him. Nothing goes unanswered. His door is always open if I should need him.

I had previously had a Nissen Fundoplication surgery years ago for severe GERD, but I kept having bloating, belching and sadly, lots of weight gain; therefore I decided to have the sleeve surgery, I was so miserable and unhappy.
I recently had my surgery and Dr. Darido came across a large hiatal hernia. I think he got more with me than he expected. Dr. Darido has given me a second chance of becoming a healthier person.

I want to give a kind word about his office staff..........they are fabulous !! The scheduling coordinator is awesome. She takes care of everything. She dots your I's and crosses your T's, she doesn't miss a thing !
I'm not worried about anything when it comes to his office.

Also, the First Street Hospital staff was very caring, helpful and pleasant.

Overall, I just can't speak highly enough about Dr. Darido.


Aug 08, 2017


For the past few years I have experienced severe acid reflux and heartburn. Several doctors later, after removal of my gall bladder and other unnecessary procedures, I was referred to Dr. Elias Darido. Within just a few minutes of sitting with me and reviewing my medical history, he scheduled an endoscopy to confirm his diagnosis. Needless to say, a month later, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results of my hernia removal/repair surgery. Dr. Darido is extremely personable, professional and listens to you, as a patient. His staff is friendly, handles all the insurance paperwork and is timely on returning calls and email communication. You always know exactly where you stand. Thank you Dr. Darido for returning me to my healthy life! I truly appreciate it!!!


Jun 30, 2017


This was truly a life changing Surgery. Dr. Darido is definitely an artist. The staff was very helpful and informative my experience was 5 stars all the way!!
I have already recommended him to two of my friends., if you want to be healthy kick diabetes in the butt and live longer a gastric sleeve is the way to go!!!

With Sincerest Regards


May 30, 2017


Dr. Darido and his staff are excellent! Great service, very patient oriented. All my questions and emails were answered promptly. First consultation was excellent. Dr. Darido explained every detail of my surgery, making me feel very comfortable and confident.
He is very personable and is always available to answer all questions you might have.
I'm thankful I have found him.


Apr 28, 2017


Dr. Darido and his team have me a new life.
I am very happy with my gastric sleeve performed by Dr. Darido. He also repaired my hiatal hernia and I feel great! No more heartburn or acid reflux.
100% recommended


Mar 19, 2017


I had the best experience with Dr. Darido and his staff! They all made everything so simple for me. The nurse, the scheduler and all the staff at the hospital were excellent! Dr. Darido really cares about his patients and he showed it. He explained everything very thoroughly to my wife and I. I couldn't have asked for a better Doctor!


Jan 23, 2017


I had an awesome experience with Dr. Darido and his staff. I had gastric sleeve surgery 4 months ago and I love it! I have already lost 37 lbs. What I like best about his practice is that I was always able to see him when I had an appointment. Unlike other practices, you don't have to see weight loss counselors, you actually see the physician. Dr. Darido is very patient and gives you as much time as you need during your appointment. The hospital where I had my procedure was fantastic as well. Definitely recommend Dr. Darido!


Dec 27, 2016


I have done extensive research online before choosing Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center. Dr. Darido and his team were very helpful and kind. They made me feel very comfortable and I was never rushed in any of my office visits. Dr. Darido is very knowledgeable in acid reflux and stomach related issues. I struggled with heartburn and high blood pressure. Dr. Darido listened to me and my symptoms and we went through my options surgical and non surgical. Prior to surgery, Dr. Darido found a hernia on the test he conducted and we decided to fix the hernia in addition to the sleeve Surgery. It was the best decision ever. I have lost 42 pounds so far and I no longer have high blood pressure or heartburn. I am very pleased with my surgery and I am excited for my new lifestyle change. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Darido if you have heartburn or are considering weight loss surgery.


Dec 23, 2016


I recently had gastric sleeve surgery. It has been a week since Dr. Darido performed the surgery. I just went in for my follow-up and I've lost 25 lbs. My insurance company requires certain criteria to be met before giving approval. Dr. Darido and his friendly office staff took care of everything! I never had to contact insurance company. Dr. Darido's competent office staff arranged the psychological evaluation and the appointments with the nutritionist.

The surgery was performed at First Surgical Hospital. This facility was very accomodating, well-prepared and comfortable. The nursing staff were friendly and took wonderful care of me and I didn't experience any Post-op complications such as leaking.

My recovery is going well and I feel good. Dr. Darido has been very attentive through this all. If you need to lose weight, have diabetes, high cholesterol, I would highly recommend him.

Thank you, Dr. Darido and your office staff for everything!