Nov 04, 2018


Aug 07, 2018

I just wanted to take the time out of my day to write this letter to you to Thank You for doing a fantastic job “fixing” my husband. As you know he has struggled with heartburn for at least the last 2 decades, if not longer. I have watched him during our whole relationship deal with this issue day in and day out. It has dictated more of his life than we ever realized. His love of milk, in part, came from the brief relief of not feeling the burning sensation building inside of him. And if he missed one pill he would be miserable for 24-36 hrs after. I didn’t know the pain of heartburn until my gallbladder started giving me problems years ago. When it was at its worst and then later when I dealt with pregnancy related heartburn my sympathy for Paul was at its highest because it was “the norm” for him. This was the constant burning feeling that he felt ALL THE TIME.
We didn’t take on the Nissen fundoplication surgery lightly, especially in light of the fact that we have three little kids at home to contend with. However, I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that we did. It is literally the first time EVER that I have been around him that he’s not worried about where his pills are or whether he took them. I have seen immediate and lasting relief from the surgery and am grateful that you took away his pain. I think it has had other positive effects on his other digestive track; however, we don’t need to go into detail about that. Haha. As the surgery approached, both of us were anxious about the effects and outcome; however, in the final weeks prior it became increasingly obvious that he NEEDED this surgery. He would wake up choking on bile and food in the middle of the night and had to try to fight that burning sensation for hours, trying desperately to sleep.
I know that you worked hard to become a doctor and a medical expert in order to help people fix their heartburn-related issues, but I KNOW that you probably, like most, are not thanked enough. So here is my THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being good at what you do and taking really good care of my Paul! He is an amazing father and husband and I am endlessly grateful that YOU were his doctor. His recovery has been nothing short of astounding! I attribute that to you and your steady hands and expertise! Thank you!

Dec 11, 2017

I spent weeks looking for the best surgeon in the US for reflux treatment and surgery. This included looking very carefully at profiles and reviews for every relevant doctor in the top-rated GI clinics such as John Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic. I even when so far as to set up a profile with Mayo Clinic’s main campus. I was lucky enough to have insurance that would go anywhere, and so I was determined to find the very best specialist in the U.S. I’m happy to say that without a doubt I did find the best specialist and surgeon in the U.S. for reflux treatment and surgery. Getting the best surgeon is really important for heartburn surgery. Studies show that surgeons make a much higher number of mistakes the first 20-30 times they perform the procedure, and many routinely wrap the fundus too tight so that large percentages of their patients can’t swallow. This never happens with Dr. Darido’s patients. If you study a lot, you will see that the literature is full of references to injured livers, injured aortas, injured spleens, perforated stomachs, and so on, in association with this procedure. There are also too many cases of a totally failed procedure in which the wrap comes undone, slips out of place, or migrates upwards and herniates through the diaphragm. Chronic reflux is not something to fool around with. Unless properly treated it can, and sometime does, progress to a very deadly form of cancer. Surgery is not always necessary, but when it is necessary Nissen Fundoplication is the unquestioned gold standard for resolving the problem. Dr. Darido “lives and breathes” the reflux fundoplication procedure.

Aug 22, 2017

They know what they are doing.
And they are the best

Jun 04, 2017

Professional, courteous and competent. Helped me with my silent acid reflux which caused me asthma problems and struggles for over 7 months. Diagnosis was accurate and subsequent Nissen surgery was successful.

Oct 07, 2016

My experience with Dr. Darido and has staff has been nothing short of welcoming and pleasant . I just happened to see a billboard advertising the Heartburn Center one day while in Houston with my daughter. Because I was tired of suffering from my reflux for more than 15 years I decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I suffer from what is known as silent reflux. I didn't get the usual heartburn like many others did. I always felt like I had something stuck in my throat no matter what I ate. I had to sleep inclined because laying flat was not an option for me. Anyway, Dr. Darido felt that I was a good candidate for surgery to repair my problems. All the tests and procedures were done to get me ready for surgery and within less than 2 months my surgery was scheduled. I had my surgery last week and everything has turned out great. Dr. Darido did an amazing job! I have not had any pain or problems. My incisions are healing beautifully and I am excited about the next few weeks.

Aug 30, 2016

This is my story........I've had 2 EGDs in the past and was told I had a Hiatal hernia, and both times given Protonix and Nexium then later Dexilant. The suggestion for repair was never discussed with me so I took the meds not really understanding the depth of physical condition. I just trusted what I was told. As years passed, my symptoms worsened. Not only did I have acid reflux but I was awakening up during my sleep experiencing a reflux so bad that I began to aspirate gastric acidity into my airway which is not normal, however again, I ignored the severity and just took my prevacid once or twice a day for relief. You can only ignore for so long, these episodes occurred 3 more times and became more severe. I saw that I began having respiratory issues, fever, I could hear myself breathing.......My other symptoms were constant coughing to clear my airway, constant clearing of my throat, I had no idea these were all symptoms r/t GERD! I sought out Dr. Darido and we discussed my problem, he than ran a series of diagnostic tests to confirm my acid reflux and it turns out my case was very serious. The decision was then made to move forward and have a Nissen Fundoplication/Hernia repair and as a result of having this procedure done I no longer suffered from ACID REFLUX and all the other symptoms that are attached to this horrible condition were gone as well. After the surgical procedure I did not have any nausea or pain, at all. I was expecting discomfort but I truly had none. As another result of going through this procedure, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure March 2016, this has been resolved since having this surgical procedure, I no longer take blood pressure meds! Not to mention I have lost 17lbs and can fit into my old jeans, jus sayn, lol! I truly thank Dr. Darido for what he has done for me, this is truly a life changer! God Bless.......

May 03, 2016

Before I had the Nissen surgery to fix my chronic acid reflux I went to Houston Heartburn and Acid Reflux Center and got tons of information, making my decision easier to have the surgery.
I am so glad I had the surgery. I feel like a whole new person on the inside. Dr. Darido was very informative and answered all my questions. His staff was wonderful and helpful.
I highly recommend Dr. Darido!!!

Mar 17, 2016

I was diagnosed with GERD IN 2001 and my symptoms started to get worse over the years. When I read about Dr. Elias Darido and his expertises on the Nissen Fundoplication procedure I knew he was the surgeon for me now I'm four days post op and feeling a lot better!!!
I would highly recommend him to my family and friends suffering with heartburn.

Mar 17, 2016

They genuinely care about your situation, I would recommend them everyday of the week.

Feb 08, 2016

Dr Darido is the best surgeon ever! I've seen many doctors that did nothing for me! I had severe GERD and a hiatal hernia . He listened to my concerns and was very thorough continuing with my surgery ! I am extremely happy with his services ! I only wish I had found Dr.Darido years ago - he truly saved my life. I'm not in any pain anymore and life is great ! He is very attentive with his patients ! His staff are wonderful ! Trust and believe me he is the best physician ever !

Jan 03, 2016

At first I had anxiety and was very fearful. After visiting Houston Heartburn I became at ease Dr. Darido and his team were very professional and respectful. He was very knowledgeable about my illness and explained every step of the treatment. He also focused on my health and I received nutritional counseling and for all of this I'm grateful. I can now live a healthier lifestyle and Iwill be forever appreciative. I'm going to recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks for making me whole again.

Jan 03, 2016

Dr. Darido and his staff are very friendly and kind to awser all your questions and if you have any concern about your health there right there to help you.

Oct 08, 2015

Because they fixed my heartburn problem by doing a fine job on fixing a hernia I had

May 15, 2015

I was referred to Houston Heart Burn by a friend as I have been suffering with heart burn for long time. The whole experience was great, from scheduling my appointment, to the consultation, to the treatment. I feel great now, and I really appreciate the personal and special attention that Dr. Darido gave me. I highly recommend this place.

May 10, 2015

Dr. Darido is very thorough. He listens to every question and his explanations are detailed and helpful. I have suffered from acid reflux for 10 years. After couple of tests it was clear that surgery was the best option for me. I chose the Nissen surgery. I made the right decision because for the past 6 months since surgery I haven't felt acid in my throat anymore. Thank you Dr. Darido

Apr 06, 2015

Dr. Darido is very thorough, patient, and listens very carefully when speaking with me. He explained all treatment options to me, and we worked together to decide on the best treatment option for my GERD/acid reflux.
I would absolutely recommend that anyone struggling with GERD/acid reflux contact Houston Heartburn, and see how Dr Darido can help improve your quality of life in a very short amount of time.