Nov 28, 2020


I flew in from across the country to have surgery with Dr Darido after doing a lot of research. Everything went smoothly, even during covid. I had testing and the surgery the same week and flew home a week after (although I think I would've been fine to leave after four days).

My gi dr had recommended the linx surgery if I had it done locally because his patients were having too many side effects and complications with the Nissen procedure locally. I chose not to have the Linx done because I work in the medical device field and any mechanical implant will fail at some point. I'm in my 30s and did not want to guarantee myself another surgery, best case scenario, down the road.

I'm 2.5 weeks out and feel totally normal at this point other than the diet. I walked 4 miles a couple days ago. When I've had any questions Dr. Darido has responded right away and seems to really care that his patients have a good outcome. Interestingly enough, besides taking care of my reflux and eliminating all the proton pump inhibitor side effects, I've stopped having migraines and my nose has cleared up.

Oct 15, 2020


(Translated by Google) Today and always I will be grateful to Dr. Elias Darido for having changed my life after suffering the horrible reflux for 20 years. For all these years I attended to various specialists to have a solution for my problem that was getting worse and worse, and none of them could help me. I asked them if they could operate on my hiatal hernia and they said they couldn't do it because it was a very difficult and very dangerous surgery. I believed them but, in all these years my problem got worse and worse. I began to have strong allergies and they became more and more frequent, until I began to have several episodes of asthma. Therefore, every time they gave me more medication, such as antibiotics, even steroids or cortizone, which is the same. And they gave me that with injection and pills. I started to gain weight, even if I ate healthy and low-fat foods, I kept getting fatter. In fact, my stomach became very large due to so much medication that it was already affecting some internal organs of my body, each time it caused me discomfort when eating or drinking something. And it was that my reflux was worse every day, and my allergies and more frequent sinus infections continued, phlegm that was not removed with anything, my throat was always irritated, my ears were also irritated and I always felt burning and itching. Sometimes I woke up in the early morning almost drowning, because the acid in my stomach flowed freely up my esophagus to my throat and higher. At one point in my life I fell into depression because I did not know what else to do, until one day on a Hispanic radio station I heard that they announced Dr. Elias Darido from Reflux center and immediately called. I made an appointment and after that date I was happy because I felt that he would really help me. So it was! Dr. Elias Darido recommended a surgery called Nissen Fundoplication, and gave me instructions that I immediately followed to the letter for my preparation. On September 24th this procedure was performed, and today I have been in recovery for three weeks. Everything went very well and the reflux symptoms disappeared immediately. I have lost 55 pounds during preparation and after my surgery, and now I can sleep with only one pillow, I can wear clothes that I like, and I can eat spicy and caffeine without feeling discomfort of pain and inflammation. I really feel very good! AND TODAY I WANT TO THANK GOD FOR PLACING ME IN THE HANDS OF DR. ELIAS DARIDO AND HIS STAFF IN OFFICE AND HOSPITAL. THEY HELPED ME, TREATED ME AND TAKEN VERY CARE OF ME! ALL VERY KIND AND ALWAYS ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. ELIAS DARIDO! CALL! MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT! THEY WILL NOT REPENT FOR MAKING THE DECISION TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND LIVE WITHOUT REFLUX. THERE'S A SOLUTION. THANK YOU DR. ELIAS DARIDO, I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF. GOD BLESS YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!! ??

Hoy y siempre estare agradecida con Dr. Elias Darido por haberme cambiado la vida despues de padecer por 20 años el horrible reflujo. Por todos estos años yo me atendi con varios especialistas para tener una solución para mi problema que cada vez se hacia peor, y ninguno de ellos pudo ayudarme. Yo les preguntaba si podrian operarme la hernia hiatal y decian que no podian hacerlo porque era una cirugia muy dificil y muy peligrosa. Yo les creí pero, en todos estos años mi problema se hacia cada vez peor. Comenze a tener fuertes alergias y cada vez se hacian mas frecuentes, hasta que comenze a tener varios episodios de asma. Por lo cual, cada vez me daban mas medicamento, como antibioticos incluso esteroides o cortizona que es lo mismo. Y eso me lo administraban con inyección y pastillas. Comenze a subir de peso, aunque comiera alimentos sanos y bajos en grasa, yo seguia engordando. De hecho mi estómago se hiso muy grande por tanto medicamento que ya me estaba afectando a algunos organos internos de mi cuerpo, cada vez me causaba incomodidad al comer o tomar algo. Y era que mi reflujo ya estaba peor cada dia, y continuaban mis alergias e infecciones de sinusitis mas frecuentes, flemas que no se quitaban con nada, mi garganta siempre estaba irritada, mis oidos también estaban irritados y siempre sentia ardor y comezon. En ocasiones me despertaba en la madrugada casi ahogandome, porque el acido de mi estomago subia libremente por mi esofago hasta mi garganta y mas arriba. En un momento de mi vida caí en depresión porque no sabia que mas hacer, hasta que un dia en una estación de radio hispana escuche que anunciaban al Dr. Elias Darido de Reflux center y de inmediato llamé. Hice una cita y después de esa cita sali feliz porque senti que el me ayudaria de verdad. Y asi fue! El Dr Elias Darido recomendo una cirugía llamada Funduplicatura de Nissen, y me dio instrucciones que yo inmediatamente segui al pie de la letra para mi preparación. El dia 24 de septiembre me fue realizado este procedimiento, y hoy ya tengo tres semanas que estoy en recuperación. Todo salio muy bien y los síntomas de reflujo desaparecieron de inmediato. He perdido 55 libras durante la preparación y despues de mi cirugía, y ahora puedo dormir con una sola almohada, me puedo poner ropa que me gusta, ya puedo comer picante y cafeina sin sentir molestias de dolor e inflamacion. De verdad me siento muy bien! Y HOY QUIERO AGRADECER A DIOS POR PONERME EN MANOS DEL DR. ELIAS DARIDO Y DE SU PERSONAL EN OFICINA Y HOSPITAL. ME AYUDARON, ME ATENDIERON Y CUIDARON MUCHÍSIMO! TODOS MUY AMABLES Y SIEMPRE CONTESTARON MIS DUDAS. RECOMIENDO ALTAMENTE AL DR. ELIAS DARIDO! LLAMEN! HAGAN SU CITA! NO SE ARREPENTIRAN DE TOMAR LA DESICION DE CAMBIAR SU VIDA Y VIVIR SIN REFLUJO. HAY SOLUCION. GRACIAS DR. ELIAS DARIDO, ESTOY MUY AGRADECIDA CON USTED Y SU PERSONAL. DIOS LOS BENDIGA HOY Y SIEMPRE. GRACIAS! GRACIAS! GRACIAS!! ??

Oct 10, 2020


Dr. Darido has been an incredible blessing for me. I am 22 years old and have had heartburn, acid reflux, and regurgitation mildly for as long as I can remember, but in the last year and a half began experiencing, what I would describe as, severe reflux and regurgitation as well as difficulty breathing, and a feeling of great pressure on my chest and abdomen. I went to a surgeon in my area that performed an endoscopy and confirmed I had a pretty large hiatal hernia. He recommended surgery and offered me two options. One was the option of LINX, a new, experimental acid reflux treatment that has literally only been used for 7 years, meaning there is little data on its long term use, side effects, or effectiveness. The second was the tried and true method, Nissen Fundoplication, which, when, as Dr. Darido will tell you, performed by an experienced surgeon, is very successful. The problem was that I was given the impression that this surgeon was not very experienced and he didn’t seem very confident in the outcome of this procedure and listed a long list of potential side effects that were, what he considered, necessary trade offs. The surgeon informed me that I would be trading symptoms for other symptoms. I wasn’t comfortable with that and kept researching, and felt quite hopeless in the process.

After some time I came upon reviews for Dr. Darido and quickly came to realize that many of the side effects and horror stories I had read from others that had undergone Nissen Fundoplication were not actually side effects of the procedure itself, but of an inexperienced surgeon performing the procedure.

It was a relief to discover that Dr. Darido is in no way inexperienced and is very much at the top of his field in treating heartburn and the hiatal hernia. After my first phone consultation with him, I was sold. He knew what he was doing, was confident, and was incredibly reassuring.

Just a week ago I travelled from my home in the Austin, TX area to Houston and had the procedure with Dr. Darido, and let me tell you, it was the right decision. No more heartburn, acid reflux, regurgitation, pressure in my chest, or difficulty breathing. On top of that, I had none of the nasty side effects like difficulty swallowing or painful bloating that so many people have experienced after having the procedure with inexperienced surgeons.

I’m able to drink coffee now. As my esophagus heals from the surgery, I will be able to return to a normal diet within weeks. I’m already back at work a week later, and I feel so much better, despite some minor discomfort in my shoulders that should subside soon that is simply from the Co2 that they use in order to get a good view of the space in your abdomen they are working in.

I say all of this to hopefully help those of you in the scary and seemingly hopeless place I was in only months ago. Go with Dr. Darido. I highly encourage you to not settle for someone that isn’t experienced with this procedure simply because they’re right down the road or cheaper. This surgery is a big deal, and if done right, can give you your life back. Dr. Darido does it right. I can’t recommend him enough. Bring your anxious journey with heartburn to an end and give Dr. Darido’s office a call. He will not disappoint.

Thank you, Dr. Darido. You really have given me my life back, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. God bless you and your team.

Sep 22, 2020


I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Darido and his team! From my first consultation to post-op, they made the entire process an absolute breeze and were there every step of the way. One of the things that sets Dr. Darido apart from others is the ability to contact him directly with questions. He’s quick to respond, very involved and overall a very knowledgeable doctor. Thank you, Dr. Darido, for all that you do!

Sep 17, 2020


Dr. Darido is a very good surgeon. He was willing to actually FIX my hiatal hernia and I'm no longer in frequent pain. I have been able to eat a completely normal diet including coffee and spicy food with no issues.

Jul 18, 2020


I am one week post op and wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Darido and staff for all of their help to get through the procedure. Honestly this was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I have been suffering from complications of unmanaged acid reflux for years. The only thing my doctor and Gastroenterologist would do was change my meds which would work for awhile and then back to the constant pain and discomfort. By the time I got to Dr. Darido my quality of life was deteriorating. In constant discomfort, coughing, regurgitating, losing sleep, etc. One week out of surgery no acid reflux symptoms at all, recovery is better than expected. Dr. Darido, his staff and First Surgical Center made it almost too easy. Don’t wait like I did, until I had severe damage to my esophagus, if you have complications from acid reflux I encourage you to call.

Jun 30, 2020


Dr Darido has been very helpful and informative with my somewhat difficult case. Don’t be like me and go to other doctors who are pushing new “advancements” in reflux treatment that can cause more harm than good.

I don’t have insurance he covers but he is working with me on the prices of tests and treatments needed to help get me back on the right track.

If you want someone who knows their stuff, come see Dr Darido and his friendly staff at Houston heartburn and reflux.

Mar 10, 2020


1 year out from Nissen Fundoplication. Had horrible acid reflux that was starting to damage my esophagus and a hiatal hernia. No more symptoms, my eating is better and have lost weight even though this was a side effect and not the reason for the procedure, but I'll take it. The hospital they use was amazing, everything was taken care of when I had the procedure. Extremely happy with the results and especially with proactively protecting myself from possible esophageal cancer from the constant damage to the tissue from the acid reflux. Great place and great group of people. The insurance lady, Isabel I believe, was very helpful and thorough.

Jan 17, 2020


2016- 21 years old Hiatial Hernia, Nissen fundoplication, severe acid reflux, vomiting of bile, stomach pain, etc. Dr. Darido and his team did a great job, recovery process was quicker than expected, a textbook surgery is what I would call it. 5 stars.

Jan 13, 2020


Thanks to Dr. Darido! No more heartburn he knows exactly what he’s doing successful surgery been suffering from acid reflux over 12 years. Now feeling way better one year after surgery. No more heartburn. God bless this talented doctor the best! Great customer service!

Jan 03, 2020


I am very happy with surgery outcome. I suffered from heartburn and asthma for many years. After Nissen fundoplication all my symptoms dissapeared
I highly recommend Dr Darido and houston heartburn

Dec 23, 2019


Had the Nissen fundoplication procedure and have had no reflux flare ups since. The doctor and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone with reflux issues to go by and let him fix you up.

Dec 23, 2019


My experience was wonderful!! They are very professional and helped me so much!! Very pleased with their whole staff!

Dec 22, 2019


I suffered from acid reflux for 20 years. I have been on meds for it for those 20 years. About 18 years ago my bone density went from good to severe osteopenia. So doctor adds another medicine. All these years later by research I find that the acid reflux meds cause osteoporosis. I can’t go one day without the protonix. My blood pressure is high, my sleep pattern is sketchy, my acid reflux, even with meds comes and goes. Th fear of getting Barrett’s syndrome (esophagus disease) worries me. My research leads me to Dr. Darido. He is confident in his medical practice. He explains everything in detail. I had to have a complete heart work up due to my age (65), which I should have had years ago anyway. The surgery for me was not painful. Even the large hiatal hernia repair has been good. The incisions are sore, but I did well. I can only take my bp and depression meds for a month, so go over your meds with the doctor. My blood pressure has not been this good in 20 years. The damage acid reflux and a hiatal hernia can do to your body is amazing. Do it. Consider the surgery. Make your life better. Dr Darido is the first man that told me he would change my life, and actually did! Lol.

Dec 20, 2019


After suffering from acid reflux for years finally, after Nissen fundoplication surgery, I have relief !!
All heartburn, burping, belching, and constant cough are gone for good. I can lay down and sleep all night like a baby.
looking forward to a new life without acid reflux. Thank you Dr. Darido and Houston heartburn for changing my life.

Dec 13, 2019


I love Dr. Darido! I am 1 week post op and I have absolutely zero heartburn and I feel amazing. He repaired my hernia and did the Gastric Sleeve. I am off medicine and like I said, I am feeling better than ever. If you are looking for a knowledgeable doctor to help you relieve heartburn/acid reflux I would Definitely recommend Dr. Darido. His office staff is also great!

Dec 01, 2019


Thank you Dr Darido. It’s almost been 4 weeks since my surgery and I’m healing really quick. Acid reflux is completely gone and I’m sleeping great now. Thanks for everything!

Nov 08, 2019


Before my surgery I had too much acid on my stomach. I was not able to sleep because of choking at night fro. Acid reflux. I was constantly coughing. I was referred to dr Elias Darido at houston heartburn and reflux center by my PCP. Dr Darido recommended hiatal hernia repair and Nissen fundoplicatio. Surgery was succesful. Cough dissapeared next day after surgery. I'm very happy i can sleep all night. Thank you Dr Darido for saving my life. no more acid reflux!! No more pills.

Nov 08, 2019


my dad is very happy with his acid reflux surgery it went very well. his heartburn went away he can sleep well now he can eat any kind of food without any problems
thank you Dr Darido for a job well done. we are forever in debt for you

Nov 08, 2019


my dad is very happy with his acid reflux surgery it went very well. his heartburn went away he can sleep well now he can eat any kind of food without any problems
thank you Dr Darido for a job well done. we are forever in debt for you