Nov 19, 2021


Dr. Sanders and nurse Yasmin are amazing at what they do! Very welcoming, polite and helpful. They are the best of the best and would recommend to anyone that needs orthopedic surgery

Nov 19, 2021


Amazing beautiful nurse Ms. Yasmin and Dr. Sanders. Friendly they truly care. My clavicle was broken and next day I didn’t need a sling. I am very happy with the surgery

Nov 19, 2021


The best clinic for surgery and the best nurse Dr. Sander and Mrs. Yasmine thanks for all your help. God bless you

Nov 03, 2021


La atención y diligencia con la que me atendió Yasmín fue espectacular, en esta oficina desde sus empleados hasta el doctor, todos con un gran sentido de urgencia y empatía para lograr que sus pacientes se restablezcan. Muy agradecida y altamente recomendado.

Oct 29, 2021


Long story short. I fractured my foot about 12 years ago and I didn’t have the insurance to get it taken care of. Now at the age of 54 it came to a point That I needed to have surgery. I was diagnosed with having a Lisfranc fracture, along with that I also had some problems with my knee and my entire leg. Dr. Sanders did surgery on my entire leg and foot. I’m Slowly recovering but I will surely get to a full recovery with the help of Dr Sanders and his staff. I have got to say that I love the staff in the office. My number one girl there is Yasmin , anytime I call she is very professional and very caring. I’m so glad that I chose Dr Sanders as my surgeon.

Oct 26, 2021


Dr. Sanders was thorough and helped heal my injury without surgery. I was very grateful for the care and expertise he provided. I greatly appreciate him and his team and would recommend for all!

Oct 20, 2021


Dr sanders is one of the best surgeons I have used and will only be using him if I need any other surgeries done , he is straight to the point and is great at what he does, had 2 surgeries done on my shoulder and came out of surgery with barely any pain

Oct 18, 2021


He help me make sure my knee was okay, so I could keep playing football

Sep 30, 2021


I injured my knee when I was 22 in a skiing accident in Aspen. it was a partial tear to my ACL. now 16 years later it was still bothering me. But thanks to the care of Dr. Mark Sanders and his wonderful staff and team I finally feel great I am able to do all of my favorite things like running and skiing and the bike and also running around and keeping up with my two young daughters and husband. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. I recommend him to everyone. He truly is the best orthopedic surgeon in town.

Sep 21, 2021


Was an amazing experience! Made me feel like a new person and gave me my life back! Sander’s Team was outstanding! Glad I had them on my team!

Sep 18, 2021


I had a great experience with Dr. Sanders! He diagnosed what no doctor in 20 years of doctors had even mentioned might be the problem with my legs that was causing me pain and patella instability that started when I was a kid.

Dr. Sanders, at my request, provided me links and references to literature to perform my own research to get an understanding of what might be wrong. He stressed the importance of getting to the root problem and detailed the type of imaging necessary to fully evaluate my limbs to reveal the root cause. When I couldn't find a doctor in my home state to do the imaging the literature suggested was necessary to evaluate me for rotational malalignment, I decided to travel to TX from MD for an evaluation with Doc.

He was patient with me through my many follow up questions and emails as I learned more about the results of my evaluation. He did not dissuade me from consulting with other experts on his diagnosis or surgical proposal. After consulting with others and also again trying in my home state to find a doctor with the knowledge to operate on me, I decided to go back to TX for surgery. Doc was proposing to do everything in one surgery and had the best recovery plan. I had a derotational osteotomy of both the femur and tibia, which Doc performed in a single surgery along with a tibial tubercle osteotomy.

It was a big surgery, but it was the right surgery for me as it was clear from the imaging and medical literature that rotational malalignment was the cause of my lifelong issues and previous doctors I had seen were not suggesting surgeries that would correct that root issue and at best would leave me still in pain and unstable, and at worse would change something in my knee that wasn't actually messed up!

My surgery and recovery experience with Doc was top notch. My follow up care from a distance was handled well and Doc was aggressive with rehab recommendations. I was on the bike 6 days after having my leg surgically broken in 3 places! After a follow up visit, I left TX with a custom workout plan for a personal trainer to work from at home.

I can't say enough good things about Doc and his staff. My recovery was long but in the end my leg is straight and my pain and instability is finally fixed!

Sep 17, 2021


Dr. Sanders and Yasmin Olivares and the entire team are so great to work with, so knowledgeable and able to help with anything and everything that’s needed.
Everyone I spoke with was always super helpful.

Sep 17, 2021


I loved my experience here. All of the staff is very polite and get straight to the point. I had to get X-rays and MRI scans and they got everything taken care of immediately. Can’t recommend them more!

Sep 11, 2021


Where to even begin with Dr. Sanders?! The word amazing just doesn’t seem to really describing him.

I’ve been having knee problems and surgeries since I was 15, I am 29 now. I have had 3 different doctors, including Sanders operate on me. After I kept tearing my meniscus over and over again, because the other doctors weren’t fixing the problem, just slowly cutting away, my husband was tired of seeing me in pain, and when I was injured again, he gave me no choice but to see Sanders. I am forever beyond grateful for that.

Sanders didn’t just go in and try to fix my meniscus, he wanted to get to the root of the issue as to why it kept tearing, and he did. My knee/femur was not aligned properly and turned too much in to the inside which was putting extra and unnecessary pressure on that part of my knee, right where the meniscus was. So, we went in for realignment surgery.

My first surgery was scheduled on my birthday, 7 days before Christmas. I was the last surgery on his docket that day, and when the surgeries before me took too long, the surgical center cut him off and told me my surgery couldn’t be performed. I was devastated. I was finally on my way to getting my knee actually fixed just to come to a roadblock. But, Dr. Sanders wasn’t going to let that stop us. He came in on a non surgery day, 3 days before Christmas, and performed my surgery. Not only just that, he called us from his CHRISTMAS VACATION in Mexico just to check on me. I have NEVER had a doctor, themselves, personally, call to check on me after surgery.

He continued to check on me throughout recovery until I was able to get off crutches, and then still checked on me when I came in for physical therapy. Unfortunately, I had an uh oh and slipped and fell exactly one week after I was taken off crutches. I couldn’t walk it hurt so bad. We called his office first thing Monday morning, since it happened on a Saturday, and he had me come in immediately. Sure enough, I basically undid the surgery with the way I fell and broke my femur. He had me in surgery the next day (again, not on his regular surgery day). Again, we got the phone calls checking on me, and exceptional recovery care. My leg was FINALLY fixed!

However, the story doesn’t end there. I was in a car accident about 10 months later. I injured my shoulder and there was no doubt on who to call. He got me in immediately once again. I told him how I was in an accident that I was not at fault for. He immediately got me in contact with an accident attorney, he personally reached out to him to get the process started. I didn’t have insurance at this time and ended up needing surgery, and because of Dr. Sanders and my attorney dealing with insurances and everything, I was able to get my shoulder fixed.

Finally, I am done with surgeries. Until this week. It was last time for me to get the metal taken out of my leg, but up until now I haven’t had a chance between pregnancies, kids, etc.. but now that we are moving to Colorado in 2 weeks. I called him and asked if there was anything he could do. I had to go to my pcp and get a referral because I got new insurance, on a Thursday. His office staff called me that very afternoon, scheduled me for Monday, and then while I was in the office he put me on his surgery schedule for Thursday (today) and fixed me, again. He made sure that I was able to get the metal out and scope my knee before I left Texas.

He has always gone above and beyond for not only just me, but my husband as well. We have referred family and friends to him. And honestly, I will never let another orthopedic dr, other than him, operate on me ever again. (Knock on wood no more injuries and surgeries needed through lol).

Dr. Sanders has become so much more than just a doctor in our household.Even after my surgery today, he has called and checked on me twice. I literally can not say enough good things about this man. He is always bragging on his children and wife, and always asking about my family. I would recommend him a million times over and over again.

Sep 10, 2021


Doc has done two major surgeries on my legs and a hip replacement over the years. The first two surgeries were derotational osteotomies, and I can honestly say having them changed my life for the better. I had been told my more than a few orthopedic doctors over the years that there was nothing left to do and that essentially I would be sidelined with replacements at an early age. As I'm active and only in my 30's, I was very concerned about these kinds of orthopedic surgeries, but Doc knows his stuff. He is easy to reach (helpful for those of us out of state) and up to date on current best practices. He will treat you like family and bend over backwards for accommodations if he can. I'm back to skiing, biking, and hiking thanks to the Sanders Clinic!

Sep 10, 2021


I had extreme pain in my left foot for years. I finally decided I had to do something about the pain and I choose Sanders Clinic and Dr Sanders after or 1st consultation I new I made the right decision. He explained everything he was gonna have to do and the complete recovery process and everything went exactly as he said it was. Dr Sanders was always available to speak about any questions I had weather it was a phone or a text he responded immediately. I would highly recommend Sander clinic for all of your orthopedic needs.

Sep 01, 2021


Had a hand surgery with Dr. Sanders. It was a great experience. He gave me his personal number after the surgery in case I need to reach him. Truly care about his patients!

Aug 25, 2021


Helped me right away! Everyone was so nice!

Aug 25, 2021


He was great! I tore something when I dislocated my shoulder, and he got me in and out of surgery quick, and the recovery process was short. He is very knowledgeable. His staff is also extremely nice and informative. Now my shoulder feels good as new.

Aug 10, 2021


I came into Dr. Sanders office with constant pain in my hip and knee. After meeting with him for a short while, he instantly recognized with a pain specialists, a podiatrist, and a physical therapist couldn’t see. He explained to me my options and I decided on surgery. Before the surgery, I had constant and almost unbearable knee and hip pain. He gave me a full explanation of what would happen and what the possibilities of risks and benefits without being prompted. Before and after surgery, his staff fully assister and explained to me everything in a professional and effective method. From billing to lab works, he and his staff worked to ensure that I could receive and understand the care that I absolutely needed. After surgery, the hip and knee pain that I would feel on a constant basis doing even the most simplest of tasks, such as standing or driving, had vanished. He and his staff helped me find the best methods for me to recover as well, from finding the best costs and best physical therapist to assist me. The recovery process with Dr. Sanders and his clinic has been wonderful as well. He constantly checks in to assess my level of recovering and explains anything I have questions on. What is even more wonderful ,compared to previous doctors and specialists that I have seen, is that when confronted with a question that he does not have a full complete answer for he does not give a guess that sounds like an answer. He tells what his opinions are and guides you in the direction that you should go for your questions. He and his staff have been patient, professional and most importantly effective with my care since the moment I called to begin even the possibility of care. I would highly recommend anyone for orthopaedic needs to come visit him. If anyone would come up to me and ask in person, I would give the same level of review to them. The best decision I made to solve my pain and receive quality care was to call to begin setting up my appointment to see him.